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Vazhakku : Young Woman's throat slit in Perungalathur by estranged man 26/Dec/2016

Vazhakku : 19 killed in Tamil Nadu explosive factory blast 23/Dec/2016

Vazhakku : Man Killed while attempting to stop Sand Theft 22/Dec/2016

Vazhakku : Women stabbed to death over illicit relationship 01/Dec/2016

Vazhakku : 55 Year Old Woman raped and murdered 23/Nov/2016

Vazhakku : Newly Married Man murdered - Kin allege Human Sacrifice 21/Nov/2016

Vazhakku : Shocking reason behind class 11 student suicide. 10/Nov/2016

Vazhakku : Shocking Confession against 'Fake Priest' 07/Nov/2016

Vazhakku : College Student stabs Building Contractor to Death 03/Nov/2016

Vazhakku : School girl Raped Brutally : affidavit revealed 31/Oct/2016

Vazhakku : Woman beaten to Death brutally for Jewellery 15/Dec/2015

Vazhakku : Finance Company Owner Robbed and Murdered for Money 14/Dec/2015

Vazhakku : Old Man Fought for his Life in Floods by Holding a Fan 13/Dec/2015

Vazhakku : Relative performs Kidnap Drama and kills 16-yr Old boy 08/Dec/2015

Vazhakku : Pregnant Wife involved in Husband's Murder..? 07/Dec/2015

Vazhakku : Man Killed Wife For Young Girl Friendship 04/Dec/2015

Vazhakku : Man burns Newly married Wife to Death 03/Dec/2015

Vazhakku : Kumbakkonam Temple Watchman Brutally Murdered 30/Nov/2015

Vazhakku : Child Brutally Strangled to Death, Mother Arrested 27/Nov/2015

Vazhakku : Young Girl Found Naked, Murdered Brutally 26/Nov/2015

Vazhakku : Girl Executes Fiance Along with her Boyfriend 24/Nov/2015

Vazhakku : Father-in-law Beheads Daughter-in-Law and Walk with her Head 23/Nov/2015

Vazhakku : Man kills Wife and blamed it on Dengue  20/Nov/2015

Vazhakku : Man kills Brother-In-Law for his Sister 18/Nov/2015

Vazhakku : Man kills Wife in front of his Children  17/Nov/2015

Vazhakku : Husband stabs Wife Brutally with Multiple Knives  16/Nov/2015

Vazhakku : Farmer kills Father and Son duo Brutally 13/Nov/2015

Vazhakku : Youngster kills lover for refusing to comply with lust 12/Nov/2015

Vazhakku : Man Kills shop owner and robs 3KG jeweller 11/Nov/2015

Vazhakku : Man Gets Life Sentence for Acid Attack  06/Nov/2015

Vazhakku : Man Found Dead in Well over Illicit Affair 05/Nov/2015

Vazhakku: Bride with Wedding Attire Reaches Collector Office 04/Nov/2015

Vazhakku : Man kills Lover's Husband by injecting lethal shot 03/Nov/2015

Vazhakku : Man Stabbed to Death for Stopping Sexual Assault 30/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : Man Stoned to Death by his Friend in Drunken Haze 30/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : Shocking Medical Negligence - 1.5m Cloth Found Inside Woman's Uterus 28/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : Infant Kidnapped and Murdered  27/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : Mystery Behind 'the Death of 2 Children' Comes to an End 26/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : Heated Exchange in Share Auto Ends in Murder..? 23/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : Mystery Gang attacks Advocate in Sivaganga Rape Case 20/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : Younger Brother murdered instead of Older Brother 19/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : AISMK Member Brutally Hacked to Death 16/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : Grandfather Hacked Granddaughter to Death over Inter-Caste Love 15/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : Brother Hacked Sister To Death in Tuticorin 14/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : Loom Worker and Minor Girl Burned to Death for 50K Debt 13/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : Wife Brutally Beaten to Death by Husband 12/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : Sons kill Father for Fighting with Mother 09/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : Trade Union Member brutally killed by Gang 08/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : Were Infants Kidnapped for Human Sacrifice.? 07/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : Five-yr Old killed after Manja Thread slits his throat 06/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : Is Advocate Malaviya DSP Vishnupriya's Lover..? 02/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : Robbers stoned to death by Angry mob 01/Oct/2015

Vazhakku : 25 Year Old Young Man Raped & Killed Women Over 50 Year Old 30/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : 'Market' Murali Brutally Hacked to Death over Old Enmity 29/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : Rowdy Brutally Hacked to Death Nearby Court in Dindigul 28/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : Neighbour kills youngster after forcing him to drink alcohol 25/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : 10 Year Old Boy Murdered & Thrown in Forest 24/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : What Happened Behind the Photos Which Shook TN 23/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : The Other Side Of DSP Vishnupriya 22/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : Boy Friend Kills Bank Employee's Wife for Separating his Lover 21/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : Newly Married Woman Beaten to Death with Lamp 18/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : 6 Brutally Murdered by Lorry Overruns in Vengeance  17/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : Sagayam Spends the Night at Graveyard to Protect 'Evidence' 16/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : 65 Year Old Lust-Crazed Man Ruins Minor Girl's Life  15/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : Painful Story of a Fisherman Who Lost his Leg at Mid-Sea. 14/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : Policeman executes Politician citing Daughter's Love Affair 11/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : Woman Kills Mother-in-Law with the Help of Mercenaries 10/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : Man Kills Relative for Biting Off his Ear 09/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : Bank Employee's Wife Murdered for Gold Jewellery in Viluppuram 08/Sep/2015

Vazhakku: Painful Story of a Mother, Who Went to Work in Malaysia 07/Sep/2015

Vazhakku: School Students working as Mercenaries kill ADMK Member 04/Sep/2015

Vazhakku: Six die as coracle capsizes in Hogenakkal 03/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : Gang Kills 7 Year Old Child and Thrown into Toilet 02/Sep/2015

Vazhakku :Three Brutally Hacked to Death in Coimbatore  01/Sep/2015

Vazhakku : Mystery Behind Woman Doctor Sathya's Murder 31/Aug/2015

Vazhakku : Man Hacked to Pieces by Spraying Chilly Powder on Eyes 27/Aug/2015

Vazhakku : Did Father kill his Intoxicated Son..? 26/Aug/2015

Vazhakku : Young woman's body found in burned State  25/Aug/2015

Vazhakku : Reasons behind Sesasamuthiram Village Violence 25/Aug/2015

Vazhakku : Congress Leader Beheaded and Burnt to Death 21/Aug/2015

Vazhakku : Father Kills Child by Smashing against the wall  20/Aug/2015

Vazhakku : Tamil Film Director V.Sekhar Held in Idol Smuggling Case 19/Aug/2015

Vazhakku : Face-to-Face Meeting Ends in Gruesome Murder 18/Aug/2015

Vazhakku: 3 Women Raped & Murdered in the Same Place 17/Aug/2015

Vazhakku: More than 200 Widows in a Village due to Illicit Liquor.? 15/Aug/2015

Vazhakku : Wife Arrested for Killing Husband after 2 months of Mystery 13/Aug/2015

Vazhakku : 2 Children die in their Sleep, Relatives doubt Mother 13/Aug/2015

Vazhakku : Wife's Illicit affairs forces Man to Commit Suicide 11/Aug/2015

Vazhakku : Shocking Confession on Innocent Beaten to Death Brutally With Wooden Weapon 10/Aug/2015

Vazhakku: Humiliated for Impotency, Man brutally kill Lover 08/Aug/2015

Vazhakku: Mother & Son Hacked To Death Brutally In Bus 06/Aug/2015

Vazhakku: Wife Strangled and Stoned Husband to Death with Lover 05/Aug/2015

Vazhakku: Mystery Behind Gandhian Sasi Perumal's Death 04/Aug/2015

Vazhakku: Wife Turns Killer after Husband's Second Marriage 31/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: Woman Murdered by Youngsters for Jewels 30/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: 4 Members of Family Burnt To Death In Hut 29/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: Youth Murdered Brutally And Hanged In Tree 28/Jul/2015

Vazhakku : Tragic Incident - Frustrated Wife Commits Suicide by Hanging 24/Jul/2015

Vazhakku : Crematorium Workers Accused of Handed Over the Asthi of Stranger 23/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: Startling Reasons Behind Councillor Murugan's Murder Case 22/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: Will Surrogate Mothers be Defrauded..? 22/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: It happen with Drugs over Love Affair 20/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: Youth’s Hand & Leg Hacked 18/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: A Shocking Murder & a Lock-Up Death 16/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: Former DMDK Secretary Murdered in front of his home 14/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: Missing Industrialist Found Dead Inside a Sack 13/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: Youngster's Hand and Leg Hacked off over Love Issue 10/Jul/2015

Vazahkku: Youth Murdered Brutally in Broad Daylight 09/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: Gang Murdered Land Broker Brutally to Prove "Who is Rowdy..?" 08/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: Sister Hacked her Own Brother to Death Brutally 07/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: Heart Melting Love Story & A Violent Murder 06/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: Shocking Reasons Behind Gokulraj's Death 03/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: Rape Victim's 6 Year Struggle Against Her Tormentor 02/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: Man strangled to death by Wife and her Illicit Lover 01/Jul/2015

Vazhakku: ADMK Panchayat Leader Brutally murdered 30/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: Mystery behind Salem Engineering Student Gokulraj's Death 29/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: Youngster Murdered Brutally In Broad Daylight 25/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: Youth Kidnapped and Murdered by Friends, A Story of Deceit 24/Jun/2015

Vazhakku:   Husband's Skeleton Found in Well, Wife Denies Murder 22/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: Industrialist Murdered and Thrown On Railway Track 19/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: Was College Girl made a Lab Rat..? 18/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: Youngster stabs school girl to Death 17/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: Woman kills Foreign Return Husband with the help of Lover 16/Jun/2015

Vazhakku : Two Women get Caught trying to Rob Old Couple 15/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: Young Woman Seeks Justice From Boyfriend By Staging Sit-in 12/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: Mystery Behind BJP Member's Brutal Murder 11/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: 4 Killed For 3 Cents Of 'Purambokku' Land 10/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: Girl lost her identity due to Medical Negligence 09/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: Pitiful Situation, A Son and 2 Daughters Seek Mother 08/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: PMK Member who Stashed Redwood, Killed by Gang 05/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: Man Sexually Harassed His Own Daughters 04/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: Man Killed Friend And Blamed It On Tiger 03/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: 5 Members Of A Family Commit Suicide In Palani 02/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: Father Stomp Two Children To Death, Tiruvallur 01/Jun/2015

Vazhakku: 9th Student Sexually Assaulted by 6 Members 29/May/2015

Vazhakku : Murdered Woman's Spirit Awaits to Fulfil Vengeance 28/May/2015

Vazhakku : Shocking Reasons Behind the Murder of Vetriselvan 27/May/2015

Vazhakku : Husband and His Family Burnt Alive by Wife  26/May/2015

Vazhakku: Father Hacked Son to Death while Sleeping 25/May/2015

Vazhakku: Farmer Killed over furrow dispute 22/May/2015

Vazhakku: Man Beheaded in the Middle of the Road 19/May/2015

Vazhakku: Youth Burnt to Death Brutally Over Love Affair 18/May/2015

Vazhakku: Woman Stages Sit-in Protest Against Police Inspector 15/May/2015

Vazhakku: 9-Month Pregnant Woman Assaulted 14/May/2015

Vazhakku: Police Chase Claims Teen's Life in K. K. Nagar 13/May/2015

Vazhakku: Building Worker Found Buried in the Forest 13/May/2015

Vazhakku: Young Woman Murdered and Stuffed in Drum 12/May/2015

Vazhakku: Man Seeks Justice For Daughter Who Was Raped 08/May/2015

Vazhakku: Man Killed By Crocodile While Bathing In The River 07/May/2015

Vazhakku: Gang Commits Murder & Meets With Accident While Escaping 06/May/2015

Vazhakku: ADMK Member Hacked To Death In Public 05/May/2015

Vazhakku: Illicit Affair Costs Life of Husband In Ponneri,Chennai 04/May/2015

Vazhakku: PMK Party Member Hacked to Death Brutally 01/May/2015

Vazhakku: Woman Kills 3 Children By Poisoning For Illicit Love 30/Apr/2015

Vazhakku: Girlfriend Kills Boyfriend Brutally for New Love 29/Apr/2015

Vazhakku : Woman Commits Suicide Due to Father-in-Law's Sex Torture 28/Apr/2015

Vazhakku: Man Marries Lover While She is Lying in Hospital Bed 25/Apr/2015

Vazhakku: Man Killed In The Place Where Brother Was killed 24/Apr/2015

Vazhakku: 2nd Wife Forced to Drown 1st Wife's Daughter 23/Apr/2015

Vazhakku: Woman forced to Drown in River Bank  21/Apr/2015

Vazhakku : Youngster murdered with Rock 20/Apr/2015

Vazhakku: Sham Marriage Gang Threatens Bank Officer by Making Sex Tape 17/Apr/2015

Vazhakku : Teacher Found Naked, Dead Near Ambur. 16/Apr/2015

Vazhakku: Who are my parents? Where are they? Actor Vignesh 16/Apr/2015

Vazhakku: Story Behind The Terrifying Andhra Encounter 13/Apr/2015

Vazhakku: Will The Abducted Child's DNA Match The Parents.? 10/Apr/2015

Vazhakku: Murder inside Rice Shop Caught on CCTV 09/Apr/2015

Vazhakku: Man tried to Sell his wife into Prostitution 08/Apr/2015

Vazhakku: Man Hacks Wife & Son To Death In Thirupattur 07/Apr/2015

Vazhakku: Son-in-law Hacked Mother-in-law to Death 06/Apr/2015

Vazhakku: Two Accused Confessed to Raping over 200 Women 02/Apr/2015

Vazhakku: Man kills College Student and Dumps body in canal 01/Apr/2015

Vazhakku: Did Youngster Sacrifice Tongue for India's Win.? 31/Mar/2015

Vazhakku: Plus One Student Murdered for not Accepting Love Proposal 30/Mar/2015

Vazhakku : Woman Electrocuted in Property Dispute 27/Mar/2015

Vazhakku : "Hotel Owner Stabbed to Death in Omelette Dispute" 26/Mar/2015

Vazhakku: The Horror Behind Namakkal Woman Gang Rape 25/Mar/2015

Vazhakku: Seven Year Old Boy Dies After Falling In Sewage Pit 24/Mar/2015

Vazhakku: Robbers Kill Woman Wearing Jewellery Inside Her Home 23/Mar/2015

Vazhakku: Land Fraud Gang Behind the Brutal Mrder of Communist Personage 22/Mar/2015

Vazhakku: Daughter-in-Law Burnt Father-in-Law to Death While Sleeping 20/Mar/2015

Vazhakku: Hotel Owner Hacked to Death to Fulfill Vengeance 20/Mar/2015

Vazhakku: Land Fraud Gang Behind the Brutal Murder of Communist Personage 20/Mar/2015

Vazhakku: Husband Stoned Wife to Death Brutally 19/Mar/2015

Vazhakku: Pitiful Plight of Woman Who Had "Weight Loss Surgery" 17/Mar/2015

Vazhakku: ADMK Member Brutally Killed In Nellai 13/Mar/2015

Vazhakku: Farmer Kills Three & Hangs Himself In Namakkal 12/Mar/2015

Vazhakku :"Father Burned Her Daughter To Death Near Sivagangai" 11/Mar/2015

Vazhakku: Parents Murder Son By Poisoning Near Sengottai 10/Mar/2015

Vazhakku: Man Kills Wife In "Nooravathu Naal" Movie Style  09/Mar/2015

Vazhakku : Woman helps Illicit Lover Kill her Husband 05/Mar/2015

Vazhakku : Lyricist Thamarai's Protest Continues 04/Mar/2015

Vazhakku: 3 Back to Back Murders Shocks Nellai 04/Mar/2015

Vazhakku: Confusion over Woman Murder in Virudhunaga 02/Mar/2015

Vazhakku: Political Personalities Arrested in Omalur Woman Murder 27/Feb/2015

Vazhakku: Tiger which killed a woman, shot dead... 26/Feb/2015

Vazhakku: Mother-in-Law Murdered while Defending Daughter-in-Law 26/Feb/2015

Vazhakku: "Man Stabbed to Death while Sleeping by Mercenary Gang" 19/Feb/2015

Vazhakku: "Wife kills Husband with her Sister's Son" 18/Feb/2015

Vazhakku : CCTV Evidence of Political Personage Thennarasu's Murder 17/Feb/2015

Vazhakku - Lawyer killed Brutally to fulfill  16/Feb/2015

Vazhakku: School Students murdered & Thrown into Bushes 13/Feb/2015

Vazhakku: Brothers Stoned To Death By A Gang In Dubarayapet 12/Feb/2015

Vazhakku: Mother and Daughter killed with Grindstone 12/Feb/2015

Vazhakku: Man Stages Suicide Drama After Killing Wife 10/Feb/2015

Vazhakku: Man Abandons Wife After One Day Of Marriage 09/Feb/2015

Vazhakku: Sister Kills Her Own Brother with Lethal injection...? 06/Feb/2015

Vazhakku: "Victim's Parents Set Aside Separately for Complaining" 05/Feb/2015

Vazhakku: 10th Student Executes Her Friend for Half Sovereign Earring 04/Feb/2015

Vazhakku: "Young Man Hacked to Death in the Middle of the Road" 03/Feb/2015

Vazhakku: 5 Years of Love Marriage ends in Brutal Murder 02/Feb/2015

Vazhakku: Young Graduate Executes 4 People In A Booze Party 30/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: Brothers Go A Murder Spree Killing 5 People 29/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: Youngster Head Chopped Up Brutally By His Friend 28/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: Gang Kills Friend & Stage Suicide Drama 27/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: Mystery surrounds in Woman's Suicide 23/Jan/2015

Vazhakku : 14 Year Old Young Girl Found Dead by Hanging 21/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: "Youth Kidnapped and Stabbed to Death by His Friends" 20/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: "10th Student Sexually Assaulted by 2 Persons in Auto" 19/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: Youth Strangles his Friend to Death while Driving Bike 14/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: Man kills 3 members of Wife's Family Overnight 13/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: Youngster Brutally Killed For Asking Justice For His Friend 12/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: Man Kills Wife For Having An Affair & Injures Her Lover 09/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: "Father Kills his Own kids by Throwing in Pond" 08/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: Friend's Husband Hacks Central Security Force Soldier to Death 07/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: Family Members Protest Against Pvt Hospital For Death of Youngster 06/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: Lost Baby Found Floating in Quarry 06/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: Man kills Mother-in-law For Not Sending Her Daughter Home 03/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: Man Beaten to Death for Asking Justice 03/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: Mystery Person Directed Mercenaries From Jail To Kill ADMK Member? 01/Jan/2015

Vazhakku: Man kills Mother-in-law For Not Sending Her Daughter Home 31/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: Woman Strangled to Death by Lover in Bed 27/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: Engineering College Girl's Death to Lover 26/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: Human Sacrifices in Granite Quarries 26/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: Ex-DGP's relative murdered in land Issue

Vazhakku: School Student Found Dead in Thorny Shrub 24/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: The Murder that Rocked Ooty..Wife caught Red-Handed 23/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: Youth Found Hacked to Death in Suitcase 23/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: Couple And 38 Days Old Baby Killed In The Name Of Honor 19/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: Woman Hacked To Death With TV Running In Background 18/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: The Murder that Rocked Ooty..Wife caught Red-Handed 17/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: Ten year Old Girl Raped and thrown into Well 16/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: Life History of Robbery Expert Koush Basha Part 2 12/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: Life History of Robbery Expert Koush Basha 11/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: Husband Stoned to Death; Police Arrested his Wife 09/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: Mysteries Behind Woman Professor's Murder 08/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: Businessman Found Dead In Karnataka Forest

Vazhakku: Usury Harassment Takes a Life of CITU Functionary Gopi

Vazhakku: Milk Contamination, How does it Happen? 06/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: Man hacked to death after 20 days of marriage

Vazhakku: Social Activist killed for questioning Illegal Invasion

Vazhakku: Fight between Brothers ends in Murder

Vazhakku: Woman Gangster kills ADMK Member using hired Goons

Vazhakku: Class 8 student killed by Ex-Student inside Classroom 05/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: Man kills Brother in-law for Sister's Suicide

Vazhakku: Double Murder shocks Nellai

Vazhakku: Man Seeking Revenge, Kills Ex-Lover's Sister

Vazhakku: Student killed inside a Classroom in Dindugal

Vazhakku: Husband Stabbed to Death In Front of His Wife 04/Dec/2014

Vazhakku: Dead Woman comes back alive after two Months?

Vazhakku: Young Man Found Dead in Well

Vazhakku ADMK Member Murdered In The Middle Of The Road 22/Nov/2014

Vazhakku Actor Karthik Seeks Justice In Family Property Dispute

Vazhakku Man Kills Wife Brutally, Over Suspicion

Vazhakku Man Impersonating As Police

Vazhakku 3 back to back murders shocks Nellai

Vazhakku Husband Kills His Wife Brutally

Vazhakku Wife defends Husband, says he is not the one in film

Vazhakku 3 Year Old Child Found Dead Inside Bureau

Vazhakku Daughter Punishes her Father for Giving Torture

Vazhakku Karnataka Forest Staff Brutally Kills 40 Year Old Man

Vazhakku 67 Year Old Father Asks Justice for his Son's Murder

Vazhakku TN Minister's Relative killed by Helmet Killers

Vazhakku Woman Complaints against Councillor for Cheating

Vazhakku Young Man Shot to Death in Police Station

Vazhakku Finance Company Owner Made Tape With 27 Women

Vazhakku Angry Husband kills Wife and hurts her Lover

Vazhakku Policeman Hacked to Death By Co-Worker in Marina Beach

Vazhakku Mystery Behind Young Woman's Death

Vazhakku Wife Join Hands with Lover to Kill her Husband

Vazhakku Will Kathiri Malai Motta be Encountered?

Vazhakku Ex-Ally of Veerappan asks for Amnesty

Vazhakku Huge Network behind Redwood Smuggling

Vazhakku Police arrests Wife for Husband’s Mysterious Murder

Vazhakku Detailed report of ADMK Supporters attempting Suicide

Vazhakku Girl Found Dead in Banana Grove.. Suicide or Murder.?

Vazhakku Young Man Hacked To Death In Love Conflict

Vazhakku Mother of Ten dies during 11th Childbirth

Vazhakku Real Estate Tycoon Murdered in Kodaikanal

Vazhakku Unidentified Female found dead in a Well

Vazhakku Police Officer Involved in Car Drivers’ Murders.?

Vazhakku 5 Murders in 15 hours leave Madurai in Shock

Vazhakku 2 Year Old Child Saved His Mother From Libertine

Vazhakku ADMK Personage Hacked To Death In Athipattu

Vazhakku Acid Attack On 2 College Girls In Madurai

Vazhakku Twin Murder By Juveniles

Vazhakku Brothers murdered & Beheaded by Rival Gang

Vazhakku 8th Grade Student Kills 3rd Grade Student in Hostel Toilet

Vazhakku Old Woman Tortured in the Name of Investigation

Vazhakku Father Tortures His Own Daughter

Vazhakku Mystery in Murder of Advocate Kamaraj

Vazhakku Brutal Murder Of PMK Member Which Shook Villupuram

Vazhakku Father Tried To Sacrifice His Own 16 Year Old Daughter

Vazhakku Millionaire Parents, Abandoned By Children

Vazhakku School Girl Kills Self And Mentions 6 Names In Suicide Note

Vazhakku Mother Jumps into well with Two daughters

Vazhakku 18Years Old Boy Lost His Hand For Sitting Cross Legged

Vazhakku Mother Commits Suicide With her Children

Vazhakku Man Hacked To Death By His Wife

Vazhakku Barbarian Father Kills His Own Children Brutally

Vazhakku Woman Sets Herself Ablaze Due To Domestic Violence

Vazhakku Husband Beaten To Death By Wife

Vazhakku Hospital Receptionist Attacked With Sword By Suspected Person

Vazhakku Girl Commits Suicide After Obscene Picture Released In Internet