Tamil Movie Sathumpodaathay Video Songs

Tamil Movie Sathum podaathay’s Video Songs 

Cast: Prithiviraj, Padma Priya, Nitin Sathya 

Direction: Vasanth 

Music: Yuvanshankar Raja 

Production: C Shankar, R S Senthil Kumar



Tamil Movie Sathum podaathay revolves around Bhanu (Padmapriya) who gets married to Ratnavel (Nitin Satya) a guy who works in railways as he is a sportsman.

But soon the relationship turns sour, when the couple realize after a gynecologist ( Suhasini in a cameo) tells them that Ratnavel is impotent.

In spite family pressures to get a mutual divorce, the old fashioned Bhanu decides to go ahead with the marriage by adopting a child. 

But with the arrival of the baby, Ratnavel becomes more insecure and tells her that the child reminds him about his weakness! And all hell breaks lose when Bhanu realizes that her husband was an alcoholic who knew about his impotency and had betrayed her.

She walks out on him. Bhanu meets Ravichandran (Pritviraj) a happy-go-lucky guy who proposes to her.

But Ratnavel who had vowed to make life miserable for Bhanu returns. What next? you have to see the movie to find out