Tamil Movie Panjaatham Video Songs

Tamil Movie Parijaatham's Video Songs 

Cast: Prithviraj, Saranya, Prakash Raj, Roja, Seetha 

Director: K. Bhagyaraj 

Music Director:  Dharan 

Release Year: 2006

Oru Noodi Song

Unnai Kandane Song

Tamil Movie Parijaatham's review, Seetha moves to her new house to set it up before her husband (Prakashraj) and son (Prithiviraj) settle in.


She finds the good-mannered housekeeper (Saranya), who matches every criterion to be her daughter-in-law.


Seetha asks her husband and son at once to come over to see her would-be daughter-in-law (she doesn’t mention who it is) but, in an accident, Seetha dies before their arrival.


How did the father and son identify the bride chosen by Seetha and what happens to Saranya are breezily narrated as rest of the story.