Tamil Movie Uyirile Kalanthadhu Video Songs

Tamil Movie Uyirile Kalanthathu’s Video Songs

Directed by K.R.Jaya

Produced by Mutham Sivakumar

Written by K.R. Jaya

Starring Surya Sivakumar Jyothika Raghuvaran Mutham Shivakumar Radhika

Music by Deva

Cinematography PM V Panneer Selvam

Release date(s) November 2000

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Tamil movie Uyirile Kalanthathu is directed by K .R Jaya. Surya plays the role of a medical college student and Jyotika is his girl.

Surya's father's role is played by his father in real life, Sivakumar. Raghuvaran plays his elder brother.

Surya is the youngest son of the family and this gives much heartburn to elder brother Raghuvaran.

Their rivalry begins from childhood and can be illustrated by the scene where the elder brother pinches his baby brother just to see him cry.

The jealousy grows into. His whole aim in life is to see that Surya's life is beset with problems, thanks to him.

When he discovers the love between Surya and Jyotika he passes on the word to Jyotika's elder brother who is a known rowdy around the area.

Raghuvaran even pushes Surya over the cliff edge and the suspense is carried on