Tamil Movie Totti Jaya Video Songs

Tamil Movie Thotti Jaya’s Video Songs

Directed by Durai

Written by Durai

Starring Simbhu, Gopika

Release date(s) 2005   

Uyire En Uyire


Yaridamum Thonravillai


Thotta Poweruda


Achu Vella Karumbe  

Tamil movie Thotti Jaya is written and directed by Durai. The soundtrack was composed by Harris Jayaraj. Simbhu (Jayachandran) is a born rowdy working in a hotel as a helper.

He gets his title name "Thotti Jaya" as he is born in a garbage bin. People who confront him dread even his shear presence.

Seena Thana (Pradeep Rawat), local rowdy notices Jaya's qualities as a rowdy, makes him his right hand henchman and uses him in his anti-social activities.

In an incident, Jaya gets entangled in a political and police trap.