Tamil Movie Maruthamalai Video Songs

Tamil Movie Marudhamalai's Video Songs

Directed by Suraj

Produced by Oscar Ravichandran

Written by Suraj

Starring Arjun Nila Sharan Preethi Vadivelu Lal

Music by D. Imann

Distributed by Oscar Films


Release date(s) September 7, 2007


Hey Yen Maama


Maruthamalai Mamaniyei


Yena Velay Adi Yennavilei

Marudhamalai is a Tamil language film starring Arjun, Nila, and Vadivelu.  

Marudhamalai (Arjun), a police constable is posted to work in Nachiapuram village. Nachiapuram is ruled by an influential man called Maasi (Lal) , who makes sure that elections are not conducted there for over a decade.

Anyone who dares to file their nomination paper gets killed by him. On the Election Day, Lal and his men go on a rampage. It is where Marudhamalai, a cop in the local police station steps in.

He vows to put an end to Lal's atrocities. How Marudhamalai accomplished his job forms the crux.