Tamil Movie Kaalai Video Songs

Tamil Movie Kaalai's Video Songs

Directed by Tharun Gopi

Produced by GK Films Corporation

Starring Silambarasan Vedhika Nila Sangeetha Lal Seema Santhanam

Music by G. V. Prakash Kumar

Cinematography R.D. Rajasekhar

Release date(s) January 14, 2008  

Kutty Pissase  

Tamil Movie Kaalai (2008) is a high budget Action film directed by Tharun Gopi. The film stars Silambarasan in the lead role with Vedhika, Sangeetha, Nila and Seema in supporting roles.


Simbhu’s grandmother slays five men, mind you when she was only ten, since they flouted her father’s advices and distilled alcohol illegally in the village also involving in other shady activities.


The villagers, for her noble act, consider her their head after her return from the prison and are peaceful under her reign.


However, trouble crops up in the name of a police officer – Lal – whose ego is hurt when challenged by the fellow policeman’s son that he can’t find anything illicit in Simbhu’s village, ruled by the godmother Seema.