Tamil Movie June R Video Songs

Tamil Movie June R’s Video Songs

Directed by Revathy Varma

Starring Jyothika Kushboo Saritha Biju Menon Surya

Music by Sharath

Release date(s) 2005   

Mazhaye Mazhaye

Tamil Movie June R (2005) is directed by Revathy Varma. The film stars Jyothika, Kushboo, Saritha and Biju Menon in critical roles. Charactor of June R is Jyothika. Jothika is an orphan, was born on the month of June, and hence that name. She works in an advertising agency.


One day she happens to come across a middle-aged woman (Saritha) hurt badly in an accident. She admits her in hospital and tells the doctor that it is her mother Rajalakshmi. Enters Rajalakshmi's son (Biju Menon), who is desperate to go abroad with his wife selling his property and deciding to leave his mother in an orphanage.

June R decides to take Rajalakshmi to her house and calls her mom. Her son comes back again to take his mother back home. This implies an emotional war between the two. June R comes to know about Rajalakshmi's brother (Ravikumar) and goes to his house to find an amicable solution to the emotional tangle.

Meanwhile, Amudha (Kushboo), a noted advocate, helps to get legal permission to ensure Rajalakshmi's stay with June. Though June succeeds in her mission, she returns home happy but find Rajalakshmi dead.

Now comes Raja (Surya Sivakumar), a rich client to their advertising agency, who fell in love with June R. He consoles her and takes her with him.