Tamil Movie Irandu Video Songs

Tamil Movie Rendu’s Video Songs

Directed by Sundar C

Produced by Khushboo Sundar.C

Written by Sundar C

Starring Madhavan Reema Sen Anushka Shetty Vadivelu Bhagyaraj Manivannan

Music by D.Imaan

Distributed by Oscar Ravichandran


Release date(s) 2006 


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Rendu (2006) is a Tamil film directed by critically acclaimed director Sundar C. The movie stars Madhavan, Reema Sen, Anushka Shetty, Bhagyaraj and Vadivelu. The film's music is composed by music director, D.Imaan.

Early reports suggested that Nayantara or Nila was set to play heroine and others claimed that Sundar C was set to star himself in the lead role. But , Madhavan had cleared his dates giving the film the go ahead.