Tamil Movie Chennai Kadhal Video Songs

Tamil Movie Chennai Kadhal Video Songs 

Cast: Bharath, Genelia 

Director: Vikraman 

Music Director:  Joshua Sridhar 

Release Year: 2006

Angel Angel Song



Timirae Timirae Song

Tamil Movie Chennai Kadhal is a city based love story that alternates between Chennai and Mumbai. It is totally a different fare for Vikraman and the hero Bharath, as the neatly choreographed stunt sequences take Bharath on a different plane altogether. A mish-mash of romance and action with a liberal sprinkling of humour sums up Chennai Kadhal.

Gowtham (Bharath) is a happy-go-lucky-youngster in Chennai. Irresponsible and spirited, he does not take life seriously. He incurs the wrath of his father for his attitude. Gowtham meets Narmada (Genelia) near her hostel accidentally. They get into a teeny-weeny argument.

Later on, he comes across Narmada in an express train. Due to some untoward mishap, the train gets halted in a remote village for three days. Gowtham and Narmada get acquainted with each other. The sequences in the train remind one of certain scenes in the Hindi flick .Nevertheless, the sequences arouse interest.