Tamil Movie Azhagiya Thamil Magan ATM Video Songs

Title: Azhagiya Thamil Magan ATM

Cast: Vijay, Shreya

Director: Bharathan

Music Director:  A. R. Rahman

Release Year: 2007 

Ellaappugazhum Song


Kelaamal Kaiyile Song


Maduraikku Pogathadee Song


Nee Marilyn Monroe Song


Ponmagal Vandaal Song


Valayapatti Song  

Tamil Movie Azhagiya Thamizh Magan, Guru (Vijay) is an ace sprinter and business management student, who lives with his friends in a house owned by former s Shakeela (Shakeela in a cameo). One day he meets Abhinaya (Shreya), a rich girl and daughter of a business baron (Ashish Vidyarti) who slowly falls in love with him. After some convincing, both the parents agree for their marriage.

Suddenly Guru starts seeing things that are going to happen in the immediate future. A psychiatrist (played by Dr. Rudran, a professional psychiatrist) confirms that it is ESP power and says that the images visualized by Guru would actually happen sooner or later.Just before Guru and Abhi are to be engaged, Guru gets a very disturbing ESP, of him killing Abhinaya.

A shattered Guru distances himself from Abhi and goes away to Mumbai.Meanwhile, Prasad (Vijay),a spitting image of Guru, is a financier and loan shark in Mumbai and Guru stumbles upon him. This gives him a different meaning of the horrible incident visualized by him. Before catching the man, Guru gets into an accident and the new man moves to Chennai. Abhi mistakes him for Guru and Prasad, a mercenary makes merry with Abhi and soon gets engaged to her.

Meanwhile Guru sensing trouble, comes back to Chennai to save his lady love, which leads to the final twist in the climax.