Tamil Movie Arunachalam video Songs

Title: Arunachalam

Cast: Rajnikanth, Soundarya

Director: Sundar C

Music Director:  Deva

Release Year: 1997 

Oruvan Oruvan Song 



Movie Arunachalam is a film about a village hero (Rajnikanth) who has 2 brothers and a sister and a happy family. Ravichandran and K.R.Vatsala are his parents. "Vedavalli" (Soundarya) is the daughter of Jaisankar and 'Venniraadai' Nirmala.



Nirmala is Ravichandran's sister and they all come to Ravichandran's home for Rajni's sister's wedding. That gives the opportunity for Soundarya and Rajnikanth to fight first, then to kiss and fall in love with each other.