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Suvadugal - Special Documentaries : "Madhubana Kadhai 15/Nov/2015

Suvadugal - Special Documentaries : "Ruthra Thandavam" 06/Sep/2015

Suvadugal - Thanthi TV Special Documentaries : “Karagam” 30/ Aug/2015

Suvadugal - Special Documentaries - "Sothanai Chavadi" 16/Aug/2015

Suvadugal - Special Documentaries - "Kadaisi Sottu" 01/Aug/2015

Suvadugal - A Documentary on Lessons Learnt from Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004 27/Dec/2014

Suvadugal - A Documentary Film on Dealing with Dyslexia 13/Dec/2014

Suvadugal - A Documentary Film On IIT Madras Vision 2020 08/Dec/2014

Suvadugal - A Documentary Film On Evolution of Modern Art in Tamil Nadu

Suvadugal - How E-Commerce Is Redefining The Retail Landscape 05/Dec/2014

Suvadugal - A Documentary Film On Big Data In Tamil 04/Dec/2014

Suvadugal - Horse riding in Tamil Nadu 20/Nov/2014

Suvadugal – Some Child Geniuses In Tamil Nadu

Suvadugal – English Medium in Government Schools

Suvadugal – Community Colleges In Tamil Nadu

Suvadugal – Educated people taking up agriculture

Suvadugal – Unemployment in Tamil Nadu

Suvadugal – Prehistory and Fossils in Tamil Nadu

Suvadugal – Film on prison reforms in Tamil Nadu

Suvadugal – Madrasa Reforms In TamilNadu

Suvadugal – Recycling Solid Waste In An Environment

Suvadugal – SriLankan Tamil Refugees Escape To Australia

Suvadugal – Ragpickers In Chennai

Suvadugal – Hospice And Palliative Care In Tamil Nadu

Suvadugal – Suicide in Tamil Nadu Part 1

Suvadugal – Suicide in Tamil Nadu Part 2

Suvadugal – Consumer law in India and its impact Part 1

Suvadugal – Consumer law in India and its impact Part 2

Suvadugal – Homeschooling in Tamil Nadu

Suvadugal – Forced eviction & its aftermath, Chennai

Suvadugal – Amma Unavagam

Suvadugal – Thalaikoothal, Mercy Killing

Suvadugal – Human-elephant conflict

Suvadugal – Life & Challenges Of Street Vendors

Suvadugal – Environmental impact of Cheyyur Thermal Power Plant

Suvadugal – LGBT Rights

Suvadugal – Strengthening the rights of persons with disabilities

Suvadugal – Hostel students’ longing for good food

Suvadugal – Knowledge of Tamil language among the youth