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Pallikoodam - "HIV infection and the need of social awareness" 23/Mar/2016

Pallikoodam - "Today's Teacher-Student Relationship & Change in approach" 05/Feb/2016

Pallikoodam - "Social Harmony and translation of Sinhala & Tamil literature" 20/Jan/2016

Pallikoodam - "Failure in Exams and Success in Life" 12/Jan/2016

Pallikoodam -  "The importance and need of Private Laws" 05/Jan/2016

Pallikoodam -  "Marriage and Divorce act in Sri Lanka and need of reform" 21/Dec/2015

Pallikoodam -  "International Human Rights Day 2015: An Overview" 15/Dec/2015

Pallikoodam -  "Story of Teaching Around the World" 10/Dec/2015

Pallikoodam -  "Prevent Violence Against Women in Effective Ways" 30/Nov/2015

Pallikoodam - "The Love" 24/Nov/2015

Pallikoodam - Contemporary Sri Lanka and Necessity of Reconciliation" 04/Nov/2015

Pallikoodam - "Awards an overview" 20/Oct/2015

Pallikoodam -"The habit of reading"  15/Oct/2015

Pallikoodam  "30th Session of the UN Human Rights Council and Sri Lanka" 10/Oct/2015

Pallikoodam  "Children's literature and rereading"

Pallikoodam : "Education and Sports" 23/Sep/2015

Pallikoodam  "Changes in an Individual and Social Relationship " 21/Sep/2015

Pallikoodam "Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam : An Overview" 31/Aug/2015

Pallikoodam "Federal vs. Unitary Governments" 03/Aug/2015

Pallikoodam "Corruption in Schools" 27/Jul/2015

Pallikoodam “Sri Lankan Government and it's Economic Policies" 20/Jul/2015

Pallikoodam “The Tamil Language in the Modern World” 13/Jul/2015

Pallikoodam "An overview of Grade 5 Scholarship Examination" 06/Jul/2015

Pallikoodam "Being a Good Citizen" 29/Jun/2015

Pallikoodam "Spirituality That's Beyond Religion" 22/Jun/2015

Pallikoodam "Violence against women and the Society" 15/Jun/2015

Pallikoodam "Is the Death Penalty Necessary?" 01/Jun/2015

Pallikoodam "Smoking & Tobacco issues" 08/Jun/2015

Pallikoodam "Religious views on Fasting" 25/May/2015

Pallikoodam "Mother's Love & Her Importance In Our Life" 18/May/2015

Pallikoodam "What constitutes the development of a person?" 11/May/2015

Pallikoodam "What do religions say about Giving" 04/May/2015

Pallikoodam "How to Raise Well-Rounded Kids" 27/Apr/2015

Pallikoodam "Sinhala And Tamil New Year Explained" 12/Apr/2015

Pallikoodam "Personality Development for Students" 05/Apr/2015

Pallikoodam "Exam Oriented Education System: Cause And Effect" 29/Mar/2015

Pallikoodam "Child Raising Practices in Society" 22/Mar/2015

Pallikoodam “The Facts about Music you didn’t know" 15/Mar/2015

Pallikoodam "Women’s leadership and political participation" 08/Mar/2015

Pallikoodam "The role of Science in Environmental Pollution" 01/Mar/2015

Pallikoodam "The Impact Of The Masculism On Modern Society" 22/Feb/2015

Pallikoodam "Freedom of Expression and the Community" 15/Feb/2015

Pallikoodam "Religious perspectives on Marriage" 08/Feb/2015

Pallikoodam "13th Amendment to the Constitution Sri lanka" 01/Feb/2015

Pallikoodam "Priority for Education in 100 Days Project" 25/Jan/2015

Pallikoodam "What is good governance?" 18/Jan/2015

Pallikoodam "Religious conversion" 11/Jan/2015

Pallikoodam "What is true prayer and worship?" 21/Dec/2014

Pallikoodam "Improvements in Education System" 14/Dec/2014

Pallikoodam "UNO VETO Power and Democracy" 07/Dec/2014