Tamil Movie Panakkaran Year 1990

Tamil Movie Panakkaran Year 1990

Artists: Rajini Kanth, Gowthami,  Vijayakumar

Director: P Vasu

Music Director: Ilayaraja

Year: 1990

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Tamil Movie Panakkaran is starring Rajinikanth and Gouthami. This film ran for more than 200 days and was declared a hit film.

Muthu (Rajinikanth) is a poor man who works in a labour factory. He works only to give his money to his drunkard father (Senthaamarai) who tortures him for that right from his childhood.

Muthu gets a chance to go to work in Vijayakumar's factory. After that, he learns that Vijayakumar is his father. How they unite forms the story.