Tamil Movie Nila Kaalam Year 2001

Tamil Movie Nila Kaalam 

The protagonists are three children - Nilaa (Ranjani), Amar (Dinesh) and Pulli (Udayaraj). The two boys work in a garage (child labour?) which is next to Nilaa's house. Nilaa, daughter of a popular actress (Roja) who is estranged from her husband, has all the material comforts but yearns for company. Soon, she strikes a friendship with the boys. The children `plan' a picnic and Nilaa provides the car, food and the works. Their excitement knows no bounds. But that day proves to be the last day of their carefree laughter, childish pranks... their innocence-filled childhood. 

Released: 2001

Running time: 1:57:28

Directed by: Gandhi Krishna

Produced by: Media Dreams

Written by: Sujatha

Starring: Ranjani, Dinesh, Udhaya Raj

Music by: Sangeetha Rajan

Cinematography: M. V. Panneer Selvam

Release Date: January 29, 2001

Country: India

Language: Tamil 

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