Tamil Movie Indra En Selvam Year 1962

Tamil Movie Indra En Selvam 

Indra En Selvam is a tear-jerker built around a child Indira whose mother dies in labour. A kind-hearted nurse (Pandari Bai) brings her up as her own child. A villainous doctor (Radha) who is after the nurse makes her life miserable. Left with no choice, she moves to another town where she joins a hospital and as part of the conditions of employment, she declares that she has no dependants. Thus the child is left alone in a school and the nurse loses touch with her. Can the nurse escape the torment of the villainous doctor? Will she unite with her beloved Indra?  

Year: 1962

Actor: K. Balaji , Pandharibai , Savitri , Asokan

Director: R. Padmanabhan

Music Director: Sudharsan 

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