Tamil Movie Parvaiyin Marupakkam Year 1992

Tamil Movie Parvaiyin Marupakkam 

Vijay (Vijaykanth) witnesses his parents being burnt alive by some temple thieves. The incident leaves a deep scar on his mind because his sister Geetha (Vanitha) loses her eyesight at the same time. Vijay and Geetha are brought up by his father's friend Peter who is a hypnotist. As Vijay grows up, he also masters this art with the aim of extinguishing the fire of revenge that is still burning within him. Vijay plans to attack his parent's murderers Vishwanath (M.N. Nambiar) and Shankar. He decides to destroy Vishwanth's family of five children. But in the meantime, he falls in love with Vishwanath's daughter Chitra (Sripriya) who is a lawyer. Will Vijay bring the criminals to book in a lawful manner or will he continue his assault on the family?   

Released: 1992

Running time: 2:09:12

Starring: Vijaykanth, Sripriya, Shiva Chandran, M.N. Nambiar, Vanitha, Silk Smitha, V. Gopalakrishnan, C. Gunasekaran, Justice Nagarajan, Baby Meena

Directed by: K.M. Balakrishnan 

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