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Tamil Movie Vanthale Maharasi Year 1973

Tamil Movie Vanthale Maharasi Year 1973

Starring: Jai Shankar, Jayalalitha, Cho, V.S. Raghavan, T.K. Bhagavathy, Pushpalatha, M.N. Rajam, C.K. Saraswati, S.N. Lakshmi

Directed by: K.S. Gopalakrishnan

Released: 1973

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Sundaram (Jai Shankar) a doctor by profession and an orphan comes to his village, to serve the villagers. He is stunned to see the inhuman behavior meted out by his landlady and her mother towards the other members of the house.

The widowed step daughter Uma and her children undergo untold miseries at their hands. To add to this Lakshmi (Jayalalitha) a simple village teacher married to the landlady's brother is physically and mentally abused too.

Sundaram chances upon a look-alike of Lakshmi, Rani (Jayalalitha double role), and requests her to impersonate Lakshmi, and teach the mother-daughter duo a lesson. Does Rani accept this proposal?