Tamil Movie Sangamam Year 1999

Tamil Movie Sangamam 

Sangamam' is a moving tale of a dancer's love for dance and a lover's love for her beloved. Selvam (Rehman), a folk dancer and Abirami (Vindhya) a Bharatanatyam dancer fall in love with each other at a dance festival. But Abirami's father Sivashankaramoorthy (Vijaykumar) not only opposes their love, but also insults Selvam's father Aavudai Pillai (Manivannan), a folk dance exponent. Enraged by Sivashankaramoorthy's arrogance, Aavudai Pillai throws a challenge for their children to perform and raise funds for a common cause. Meanwhile, Nagaraj (Radharavi) has had a tiff with Selvam and realizes that he can get things even with him by joining Sivashankaramoorthy. In an attempt to do the same, he stabs Aavudai Pillai just before his son's performance. On the other hand, Abirami consumes poison because she feels her father will never let her and Selvam unite. 

Directed by: Suresh Krishna

Produced by: V. Natarajan

Written by: E. Ramadoss

Screenplay by: Suresh Krishna

Story by: Bhoopathy Raja

Starring: Rahman, Vindhya

Music by: A. R. Rahman

Cinematography: S. Saravanan

Editing by: Suresh Urs

Studio: Pyramid Films International

Release Date: 16 July 1999

Country: India

Language: Tamil   

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