Tamil Movie Vivasayi Magan

Tamil Movie Vivasaayi Magan Year 1997

Starring Ramarajan, Devayani, K. R. Vijaya, Vadivelu

Directed by Ramarajan

Produced by S. Rajaram

Written by Ramarajan

Screenplay by Ramarajan

Music by Sirpy

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Tamil Movie Vivasaayi Magan directed by Ramarajan and produced by Rani Azhakappan. The film stars Ramarajan, Devayani, K. R. Vijaya and Vadivelu in lead roles.

The film had musical score by Sirpy. Malaisamy usurps his widowed sister-in-law Sivagami's (K.R. Vijaya) property, leaving her and her two sons ( Veeramuthu and Kadirvel) to live off a barren land.

But an altercation between the two families leads to a murder in which Malaisamy is arrested. His son Sangayya blames Sivagami's family for sending his father to jail and swears revenge. Many years later, Sangayya find an opportunity to destroy Sivagami's family by using Veeramuth.

Now its upto Kadirvel (Ramarajan) to put an end to the revenge plot before its too late.