Tamil Movie Oru Veedu Iru Vasal Year 1990

Tamil Movie Oru Veedu Iru Vasal 

An experimental Film in which the director narrates two different stories in one film. The first episode deals with Sukumar an Engineer and Shenbagham his maid servant whom he exploits physically and then gets married to Yamuna, a girl fixed by his parents. How does Yamuna react when she comes to know the truth and what happens to Shenbagham after Sukumar's wedding is what the story is all about. The second episode is about a junior artiste Vinoda and a journalist Jawahar. Jawahar is writing an article on the life of Film world's junior artistes, where he meets Vinoda and gets married to her. However the marriage does not last long as Vinoda and Jawahar's lifestyle doesn't match and differences start cropping up, so much so that it ends up in divorce. The rest of the story is about Vinoda's struggle to establish her own identity in a male chuvanistic society. 

Directed by: K. Balachander

Produced by: Rajam Balachander

Written by: Based on Novel by Anuradha Ramanan

Starring: Yamini, Ganesh, Kumaresh, Livingston, Surya (Actress), Vaishnavi

Music by: V. S. Narasimhan

Release Date: September 7, 1990

Country: India

Language: Tamil 

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