Tamil Movie Achamillai Achamillai Year 1984

Tamil Movie Achamillai Achamillai 

A political satire based on the politics of the early 80's the story of 'Achamillai Achamillai' deals with Ulaganathan (Rajesh) and his wife Thenmozhi (Saritha). Ulaganathan an honest and upright man garners a lot of clout not only in his village but also in the constituency. Seeing his honesty and upright nature Thenmozhi falls for him and gets married to him. However Thenmozhi's happiness is short-lived. Understanding the respect and clout Ulaganathan garners, all the political parties start luring him to join politics. Ulaganathan resists all kind of offers and temptations given to him, but ultimately falls prey to the lure of power and money. From here starts the journey of treachery betrayal and corruption for Ulaganathan. Thenmozhi witnesses the changes in Ulaganathan helplessly. A stage comes when Thenmozhi unable to bear the atrocities of her husband takes the ultimate decision of eliminating him. 

Directed by: K. Balachander

Written by: K. Balachander

Starring: Delhi Ganesh, Rajesh, Saritha, Charle

Music by: V. S. Narasimman

Release Date: 1984

Running time: 149 minutess

Country: India

Language: Tamil 

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