Tamil Movie Agni Satchi Year 1982

Tamil Movie Agni Satchi 

'Agni Satchi' is the story of an obsessive and over sensitive Kannamma (Saritha). Kannamma meets Arvindan (Sivakumar) a theatre director. Both their thoughts match as Kannamma too is a poet and an ardent fan of Subramaniam Bharati. Arvindan decides to marry Kannamma unaware of her obsessive nature. After marriage Kannamma's nature comes to the fore and her in-laws and Arvindan are unable to bare her tantrums, a stage comes when Arvindan decides to file for divorce.

At that point of time he comes to know that Kannamma is pregnant, Arvindan decides not divorce Kannamma and takes her to a Psychiatrist (Charu Haasan). The doctor tells him that Kannamma is normal; however she has Obsessional Psychosis. He also advices him to fulfill all her wishes and not to say no to her needs. The rest of the film is about how Arvindan handles Kannamma and how with the doctor's help he manages each and every situation created by Kannamma's erratic behavior.  

Year: 1982

Cast: Kamal Hassan, Rajnikant, Sarita, Sivakumar, Poornam Viswanathan, Seema, Chaaru Haasan

Directors: K. Balachander 

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