Tamil Movie Chakravarthi Thirumagal Year 1957

Tamil Movie Chakravarthi Thirumagal 

Chakravarthi Thirumagal is a story of a princess 'KalaMalini' who is brought up with the best of comforts. The princess grows up to be a very beautiful women with all the skills that a queen should have. Her wedding is done lavishly by her father, selecting the most elegible prince by testing their calibre at various fields through a competition. Here enters 'Udhayasuriyan' who falls immensly in love with the princess before the wedding itself. As the princess to is smitten by his calibret, her best friend too takes a liking towards him which leads to a dangerous plan of tricking, lying, killing etc. Marriage is just the begining of all Kalamalini's struggles.As she is tricked by her best friend who takes her place as the princess in the new kingdom. Will she fight her destiny and rival to get back to her husband? 

Directed by: P. Neelakantan

Written by: Elangovan

Starring: M. G. Ramachandran, Anjali Devi, P. S. Veerappa, S. Varalakshmi, N. S. Krishnan, T. A. Madhuram, K. A. Thangavelu, T. P. Muthulakshmi

Music by: G. Ramanathan

Distributed by: Uma Pictures

Release Date: 1957

Language: Tamil 

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