Tamil Movie Puthukavithai Year 1982

Tamil Movie Puthukavithai 

Anand (Rajnikanth) is motorcycle champion for six years in a row. Winning the championship brings him the introduction of Uma (Jyothi), the daughter of Thilakavathy (Sukumari); a haughty, rich woman. Uma thinks anand has a too dark complexion but soon turns into love. But Thilakavathy deceives Anand and Uma into thinking that she agrees to their wedding while secretly planning to get Uma married someone else. She gets Anand locked up on the day of the wedding and Anand escapes but not too soon to stop the wedding. The next time they meet, Uma sees Anand happily married to Kalyani (Saritha) and with a child while she informs him that she too is happily married with two children. Saritha invites Uma to her house for diwali there reveals a secret. Later what happens forms the climax. 

Directed by: S.P.Muthuraman

Produced by: Rajam Balachander

Starring: Rajnikanth, Jyothi, Sukumari, Saritha, Thengai Srinivasan, Delhi ganesh

Music by: Ilayaraja

Release Date: 1982

Country: India

Language: Tamil

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