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Tamil Movie Thirumathi Oru Vegumathi Year 1987

Tamil Movie Thirumathi Oru Vegumathi

Cast: S V Sekar, Jaishree, Kishmu, Pandian, Visu, Ravi, Kalpana, Kokila

Director: Visu

Music Director: Shankar Ganesh

Producer: Kavithalaya Productions

Released Year: 01/Jan/1987

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Uma (Kalpana) struggles hard to make both ends meet for her and her two younger brothers, so when her office colleague Namachivayam ('Nizhalgal' Ravi) proposes to her she declines him saying that she has her brothers responsibility so she cannot get married.

Namachivayam not the one to give up very kind heartedly agrees to support her in her responsibilities and convinces her for marriage. Both of them decide not to have a child so that they can bring her brothers up and give them a good life.

They give both of them lots of love and affection. Elder brother Balaraman (S.V. Sekar) marries a poor girl who has a lot of greed for money, while the younger brother Krishnan (Pandian) is married to a rich girl whose only aim in life was to go to America and get married to an NRI.

What happens to the family after their marriage and how the family circumstances change is what the second half of the film is about?