Tamil Movie Pandhattam Year 1974

Tamil Movie Pandhattam 

Ashok (Jaishankar) an ace football champion, is offered a job at Mohanamala Biscuit co. with the condition that he would be representing their team at the next football match. The rival company's owner Ramiah tries to woo Ashok to his side, by offering him a large sum of money, which Ashok refuses. Ramiah meets Ashok's mother in his abscence and gets his daughter Kala engaged to Ashok. Unaware of the proceedings, Ashok falls in love with his boss Veliah's daughter Sudha.

When Ashok learns of the game played by Ramiah, he confronts him. Ramiah's legal advisor manages to fish out a look alike of Ashok, Karuppiah, a percussionist from the village. He plants Karuppiah as Ashok, and abducts Ashok. Meanwhile the partner of Karuppiah's mucial team, Sundaravalli, looks for him, and finds Ashok loitering in the village. She mistakes him for Karuppiah. Both Kala and Sudha unaware of the impersonation continue to woo the impersonator. How does all this confusion resolve ? Whom does Ashok marry? 

Year 1974

Cast: Jai Sankar,Manorama

Director: MaLakshmanan


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