Tamil Movie Rojavanam Year 1999

Tamil Movie Rojavanam 

Year: 1999

Directed by: Selva

Cast: Karthik, Laila and Malavika

Score: Bharadwaj

Soundtrack: Bharadwaj 

Synopsis: Muthu (Karthik) is the favorite employee at Rojaavanam, a home for the aged owned jointly by two friends (Ravikumar and 'Nizhalgal' Ravi). Sindhu (Malavika) is a psychology student staying at the home.


Muthu falls in love with Roja (Laila), the daughter of his boss but learns that the boss and his friend, had decided long ago that their children would be married and this has resulted in the friend's son growing up enamoured of Roja.

Roja's father accepts Muthu as his son-in-law but his friend, angered at this, decides to bulldoze Rojavanam to the ground. The enemity that ensues between the two best friends and how Muthu comes to the rescue forms later part of the film's story.

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