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Tamil Movie Vaidehi Kaathirundaal Yea 1984

Tamil Movie Vaidehi Kaathirundaal Year 1984

Directed by R. Sundarrajan

Produced by Thooyavan

Written by R. Sundarrajan

Starring Vijayakanth, Revathi, Goundamani, Senthil, Parimalam

Year: 1984

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Vellaisamy (Vijayakanth) is an unkempt derelict who lives by the village temple doing menial jobs to survive but has an impressive singing ability, while Vaidhegi (Revathi) is a young widow who lives in the village with her sorrowing, alcoholic father.

One day when some villagers spot Vellaisamy scribbling Vaidhegi's name on the temple walls, rumours start flying around. When a distressed Vaidhegi approaches and questions Vellaisamy, he reveals his tragic past and how he lost the woman of his affection, also named Vaidhegi. Vellaisamy and Vaidhegi now share a mutual respect for each other's melancholic lives but soon realize they need to work together to unite a young couple in love against the wrath of the whole village.