Tamil Movie Manal Kayiru Year 1982

Tamil Movie Manal Kayiru Year 1982

Directed by    Visu

Produced by    Rajam Balachander, Pushpa Kandhasamy

Written by    Visu

Cast: Sekar, Santhi Krishna, Bhoopathy, Kishmu, Kuriyakose Ranga, MR Rajamani, Visu, Kamala Kamesh, Manorama.

Year: 1982

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Tamil Movie Manal Kayiru is a rib tickling comedy Tamil Movie. This movie is about Kittumani's (S.V. Sekar) marriage and the eight conditions he puts forth. The conditions range from practical ones like the girl should remarry if he dies to impractical or illogical ones like she should cook both vegetarian and non vegetarian food.

He seeks the help of Naradar Naidu, his father's friend, and a marriage broker, to find a girl for him. Naradar Naidu chooses Uma (Shanti Krishna) who does not fulfill even a single condition. Naidu makes Kittumani believe that she does and gets them married.

Hell breaks loose when Kittumani finds the truth. In order to save the marriage with all this confusion, Naidu convinces all the family members to play various roles thus paving way for too many hilarious situations.