Tamil Movie Sange Muzhangu Year 1972

Tamil Movie Sange Muzhangu Year 1972

Directed by: P. Neelakandan

Produced by: S. Ramakrishnan

Starring: M G Ramachandran, Lakshmi, V K Ramaswamy, T K Bhagavathi, Jaya Kausalya, Cho Ramasawamy

Year: 1972

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Sangae Muzhangu - The story starts with the scene of two Orphans. A Singapore based businessman (V.S Raghavan) a diamond merchant comes to India, on his way some thief try's to steal the diamonds from him. Seeing this, the two children alerts the police about this plan.

Police saves the businessman and his diamonds. Impressed by this Raghavan adopts those two Childrens of which one of the boy is MGR. The director has portrayed the childhood character of MGR in the first half.The Second plot starts from MGR's teenage character where the Heroine Lakshmi comes into the picture.

V.K Ramaswaamy plays a role of advocate and Ashokan as V.S Raghavan's PA. The third Plot starts showing the villian Ashokan's character in the lime light.

To know the full story and climax of the movie watch this Classic Movie Sangae Muzhangu starring MGR, Lakshmi, V.K Ramaswaamy, Cho and Ashokan directed by by P. Neelakantan and Music by M S Vishwanathan.