Tamil Movie Aasai Mugam Year 1960

Tamil Movie Aasai Mugam Year 1960

Starring: M.G.R, Saroja Devi, M.N Nambiyar, Nagesh

Music: S.M Subbaya Naidu

Director: P. Pullayya

Producer: Mohan Productions

Year: 1960

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Because Ponniyam Kodhi, a marriage broker feels deceiving on his commission by Bhavani Amma (C. K. Saraswathy), the mother of Selvy (B. Saroja Devi) whom she is soon going to marry to a strong good match, attractive Manogaran (MGR), only son of big family, that of Siva Shankaran Pulai (K. D. Santhanam), an immense landowner, the matchmaker, out of revenge, damages the engagement !

At the same moment, somewhere else, a gang led by Varada (M. N. Nambiar), the ex-manager of Siva Shankaran Pulai's domains plans with his walk-on Vâdjaravel (S. V. Ramadoss), to appropriate all the fortune of its former boss, by usurping the identity of his son and more exactly the beautiful face of Manogaran !

The affair is facilitated by a mysterious doctor and in a machine of its invention!