Tamil Movie Vithi Year 1984

Tamil Movie Vithi Year 1984

Cast: Mohan, Poornima Jayaram, Sujatha, Jaishankar

Director: K. Vijayan

Music Director: Sankar Ganesh

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Tamil Movie Vithi starring - Mohan , Poornima, Sujatha , Jaishankar , Music - Sankar Ganesh ,Direction - K.Vijayan. Vidhi is a 1984 courtroom drama film starring Mohan and Poornima Jayaram in the lead roles.

Raja (Mohan), the son of a popular lawyer "Tiger" Dayanidhi (Jaishankar), is a playboy and a womaniser from a rich family. Whenever Raja sets his eyes on a beautiful girl, he pursues and impresses her and convinces her that he is madly in love with her, then abandons her after getting into a physical relationship with her.

This becomes a routine for him. Radha (Poornima Jayaram) is a girl from a middle-class family. Raja meets her, tries his old techniques to impress her and finally succeeds.

Radha sincerely loves him and yields to Raja's advances for a physical relationship. When Radha becomes pregnant and requests Raja to marry her, he writes off their relationship, saying he does not even know her and refuses to marry her.

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