Tamil Movie Krishna Krishna Year 1996

Tamil Movie Krishna Krishna 

Krishna Krishna is a Tamil comedy film based on the play Adhirshtakaaran. The story revolves around Gopal Krishna (S V Shekar) and his wife Bama (Sukanya) who must tackle all odds in the form of parents, neighbors and an unruly society to make their marriage work.  

Directed by: S. Deepak

Produced by: Dhirajlal Shah

Written by: Tinu Anand, Santosh Saroj

Starring: Sunil Shetty, Karishma Kapoor, Om Puri, Shakti Kapoor, Tinu Anand

Music by: Anu Malik

Cinematography: Sameer Reddy, Teja

Distributed by: Asian

Release Date: August 2 1996

Running time: 164 mins

Country: India

Language: Hindi 

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Tamil Movie Paadu Nilave Year 187

Tamil Movie Paadu Nilave 

Sangeetha (Nadiya) is a renowned singer and stage performer. Balakrishnan (Mohan) who lives in a small town is a die-hard fan of hers. Sangeetha takes a break from her hectic schedule and decides to relax at a quiet place. That happens to be the same town where Balakrishnan lives. He is overjoyed and leaves no stone unturned to strike a rapport with the music starlet. His attempts finally bear fruit when Sangeetha confesses that she is in love with the simpleton. But she leaves abruptly, never to return. Unable to bear the seperation, Balakrishnan goes to Chennai in search of her, only to be insulted by her haughtiness. In an unexpected turn of events, Balakrishnan meets his father who reveals a secret about Lalitha (Balakrishnan's sister) and her alleged affair with Sangeetha's father. This turns Balakrishnan furious and intensifies his determination to destroy Sangeetha and her family. 

Cast: Mohan, Nadhiya

Music: Ilayaraja

Year: 1987 

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Tamil Movie Bama Vijayam Year 1967

Tamil Movie Bama Vijayam 

A middle-class joint family is living happily run by the responsible father Ethiraj (T. S. Balaiah), a retired headmaster. He has three sons -- Maheshwaran (Major Sundarrajan), Raman (R. Muthuraman), and Krishnan (Nagesh). Maheswaran is a Hindi professor, married to Parvathy (Sowcar Janaki) and they have 5 children. Raman, a clerk in high-court is married to Seetha (Kanchana) and they have two children. Krishnan, a medical representative is married to Rukmani (Jayanthi). Meanwhile, a popular film actress Bama moves into the bungalow next to their house. The three daughters-in-law & the sons try to make friends with her. Bama is very polite, and accepts their invitation to come to their house. The three ladies in the house start making fuss about the condition of their house, saying that they do not have enough facilities in their house to show to Bama that there are well-off. The husbands try to convince them but they force their husbands to agree to whatever they ask. Eventually the men give in and start buying things for their own houses. What happens next?   

Directed by: K. Balachander

Produced by: M. S. Kasi

Starring: Rajasree, T. S. Balaiah, Nagesh, Sowcar Janaki, Kanchana, Jayanthi

Music by: M.S. Viswanathan

Cinematography: P. N. Sundaram

Editing by: N. R. Kittu

Studio: Manohar Pictures

Release Date: 24 February 1967

Running time: 152 minutes

Country: India

Language: Tamil 

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Tamil Movie Nila Kaalam Year 2001

Tamil Movie Nila Kaalam 

The protagonists are three children - Nilaa (Ranjani), Amar (Dinesh) and Pulli (Udayaraj). The two boys work in a garage (child labour?) which is next to Nilaa's house. Nilaa, daughter of a popular actress (Roja) who is estranged from her husband, has all the material comforts but yearns for company. Soon, she strikes a friendship with the boys. The children `plan' a picnic and Nilaa provides the car, food and the works. Their excitement knows no bounds. But that day proves to be the last day of their carefree laughter, childish pranks... their innocence-filled childhood. 

Released: 2001

Running time: 1:57:28

Directed by: Gandhi Krishna

Produced by: Media Dreams

Written by: Sujatha

Starring: Ranjani, Dinesh, Udhaya Raj

Music by: Sangeetha Rajan

Cinematography: M. V. Panneer Selvam

Release Date: January 29, 2001

Country: India

Language: Tamil 

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Tamil Movie Manamagale Vaa Year 1988

Tamil Movie Manamagale Vaa 

Balu (Prabhu) is an eligible bachelor, looking for a wife. With a picture perfect woman in mind, he insults and rejects many women. Meanwhile, Chitra (Radhika) is looking for a way to reconcile her sister Geetha's marriage with her husband. Geetha has been sent to her parent's home for no fault of hers. Chitra figures that the most appropriate way to settle scores with her sister's in-laws, is by marrying Balu, as Geetha is married to Balu's brother. She disguises herself as a village belle, Rajathi and enters Balu's life. After marriage, Balu is traumatised by her ignorance, but Rajathi (Chitra) falls in love with him. Meanwhile, Rajathi's suitor from the village hatches a plan to bring her back from her husband and marry her forcibly. Balu on the other hand decides to divorce Rajathi. Chitra decides to unveil her mask now, but will her plan succeed or boomerang? 

Cast: Prabhu, Radhika

Music: Ilayaraja

Director: Panchu Arunachalam

Year: 1988


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