Tamil Movie Kadavul Amaitha Medai Year 1979

Tamil Movie Kadavul Amaitha Medai 

Post Master Bhoopathi (Sivakumar) and his wife Lakshmi (Sumithra) await the return of their son Ravi from the city. Ravi returns home along with a girl named Radha, who he intends to marry. His parents agree to their marriage and Radha informs them about her Grandfather, Justice Jaganathan, who will be paying a visit to talk about the marriage. But when Justice Jaganathan meets Lakshmi, trouble brews and everyone is left to confront a hidden past. 

Year: 1979

Music: Illayaraja

Cast: Sivakumar, Sumithra 

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Tamil Movie Jenma Natchathiram Year 1991

Tamil Movie Jenma Natchathiram 

Anthony and Jenny to have it all. They are happily married and he is the Chief Ministers private secretary. But they want a child more than anything. When Jenny has a stillborn child, Anthony is approached by a the head doctor at the hospital who suggests that they take a healthy newborn whose mother has just died in childbirth. Without telling his wife he agrees. After relocating to the city, strange events - and the ominous warnings of a priest - lead him to believe that the child he took from that hospital is an evil incarnate. 

Year: 1991

Cast: Pramoth, Sinduja Saranraj

Director: Bandarinathan

Producer: Thakkali Srinivasan 

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Tamil Movie Meendum Pallavi Year 1986

Tamil Movie Meendum Pallavi 

Rajshekar (Jaishankar) his wife Akila (Sujatha) lead a happy married life and have two children. In strange turn of events, Rajshekar abandons his family and disappears. Akila raises the children on her own and twenty years later fate intervenes and she crosses paths with her estranged husband. Why did Rajshekar leave his family? How will Akila cope with the situation? 

Released: 1986

Running time: 1:56:19

Starring: Jaishankar, Sujatha, Anuradha, Goundamani, Raghuvaran, Rajalakshmi

Directed by: A.P.Jagadeesan 

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Tamil Movie Marutha Nattu Veeran Year 1961

Tamil Movie Marutha Nattu Veeran 

Marutha Nattu Veeran is a swashbuckling-adventure that stars Sivaji Ganesan in the lead role. Jeevagan (Sivaji Ganesan), a brave young man is appointed as the high guard to protect princess Ratna and soon they both fall in love. Meanwhile, the King's minister, Veera Kesha (P.S.Veerappa) is secretly plotting with the Sultan, a known enemy of the throne. Veera Kesha frames Jeevagan as a traitor and turns the Kingdom against him. What sinister plan does the Sultan hold? Can Jeevagan prove his innocence and save his Kingdom? 

Released: 1961

Running time: 2:51:07

Starring: Sivaji Ganesan, P.S.Veerappa, P. Kannamba, M.Saroja Jamuna, A.Karunanithi

Directed by: T.R.Raghunath 

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Tamil Movie Indra En Selvam Year 1962

Tamil Movie Indra En Selvam 

Indra En Selvam is a tear-jerker built around a child Indira whose mother dies in labour. A kind-hearted nurse (Pandari Bai) brings her up as her own child. A villainous doctor (Radha) who is after the nurse makes her life miserable. Left with no choice, she moves to another town where she joins a hospital and as part of the conditions of employment, she declares that she has no dependants. Thus the child is left alone in a school and the nurse loses touch with her. Can the nurse escape the torment of the villainous doctor? Will she unite with her beloved Indra?  

Year: 1962

Actor: K. Balaji , Pandharibai , Savitri , Asokan

Director: R. Padmanabhan

Music Director: Sudharsan 

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