Tamil Movie Kathi Kappal Year 2008

Tamil Movie: Kathi Kappal

Director: Selvaraj

Producer: V Bhaktha

Music: Sree Sai / R Sahitya

Cast: Anoop Kumar, Meera Vasudev, Poornitha 

Tamil Movie Kathi Kappal Part 1

Tamil Movie Kathi Kappal Part 2

Tamil Movie Kathi Kappal Part 3

Tamil Movie Kathi Kappal Part 4

Tamil Movie Kathi Kappal Part 5

Tamil Movie Kathi Kappal Part 6  

Tamil Movie Kathi Kappa is a very interesting and different story. A young man, Joshua (Anoop Kumar), reaches a remote village and claims to be the reincarnation of Dr Parivallal (Prem) who has been gone 20 years.

His widow Saaral (Meera Vasudev) is still in love with him and, along with the villagers, does not believe the story at first. But thanks to the intervention of the doctor’s brother, a psychiatrist (Thalaivaasal Vijay), she is convinced that it is indeed her dead husband on a return mission claiming his love. 

Now enter a young woman, Mallika (Poornitha), who claims Joshua is her husband but he has been waiting to be re-united with Saaral all his life because he believes she is his actual wife. To add to the intrigue and surfeit of information, there are a few initial scenes about a forest brigand who kidnapped a minister 20 years ago and then murdered him.

The ransom amount of Rs 3 crore was never found. Well, that should remind you that there is more to this re-incarnation drama than meets the eye! Watch The Movie for the rest of the story