Tamil Movie TN 07 AL 4777 Year 2009

Tamil Movie TN 07 AL 4777 – Creative strike

Banner: GV Films

Direction: Lakshmikanthan

Star-casts: Ajmal, Pasupathy, Simran, Meenakshi and others

Music: Vijay Antony

Year 2009

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What makes TN 07 AL 4777 different from other Tamil Films made frequently? Precisely, it's the unique screenplay that's so clichéd as it's original version 'Tax No.. 9211'.

The film has reel time of merely 12 hours starting from morning 8 and ends at Night 8 'O' Clock.One fine morning there is couple of people from different destinations and their own problems colliding with each other. 

Gautham (Ajmal) rich billionaire's son is on his way to court for the hearing that will inherit him the father's property. Mani (Pasupathy), a frustrated car driver has lied to his wife that he's an insurance sales agent. As Gautham's car has the problem, he gets into the cab of Mani and to get him move faster not abiding the traffic rules, he keeps paying him more currencies.

But when he hits with an accident, Gautham runs away from the car drenching Mani in trouble. Well, that's not the end of tale between these two as there are more encounters awaited between these two individuals. The star of the ship is Pasupathy who spells his realistic performance.

A good work by him and that's not a wonder, when you've Pasupathy enacting any role. On the pars, Ajmal is so splendorous with his performance and it doesn't look alike his second film. Of course, he came up with a best performance with his debut 'Anjathey'…

A great disappointment from Meenakshi as she appears just in micro mini dresses as Sameera Reddy did the same in original version. Simran is outstanding as a desperate house wife. Musical score by Vijay Antony is top-notching and particularly the number 'Aathichudi' is a fantastic treat for all centres.

It's been well choreographed. ‘Perfect tale and good narration' – This formula keeps Lakshmikanthan striding with success. On the whole, TN 07 AL 4777 is a good entertainer that refreshes the audiences with a short duration of not more than couple of hours… 

Verdict: Good flick to Watch.