Tamil Movie Naan Kadavul Year 2009

Tamil Movie: Naan Kadavul

Star-Cast: Arya, Pooja and others

Story, screenplay and direction: Bala

Produce: Pyramid Saimira, Vasan Visual Venture

Music: Ilayaraja

Dialogues: Jay Mohan

Cinematography: Aruthur Wilson

Year: 2009

Tamil Movie Naan Kadavul Part 1

Tamil Movie Naan Kadavul Part 2

Tamil Movie Naan Kadavul Part 3

Tamil Movie Naan Kadavul Part 4

Tamil Movie Naan Kadavul Part 5

Tamil Movie Naan Kadavul Part 6

Tamil Movie Naan Kadavul Part 7

Precisely, you may like Bala or hate for his bold stunning themes in each of his films with sure tragedy, but you've to watch 'Naan Kadavul'. Well, we have the finest reason advocating you to watch this flick.

Bala has been one of the best filmmakers of Contemporary Indian Film Industry who vividly researches every aspect before dealing with the peculiar subject. Fine! Here with 'Naan Kadavul', he peaks to the farthest heights fetching the best credits for the attempts that veteran Mani Rathnam and Shankar failed to do.  

The film opens with a father who with his abandoned his son Rudhra (Aarya) in Varanasi heeding to the foretelling of astrologers. Years later, realizing his misdeed, he returns to Kasi for getting his son back to hometown of Tamil Nadu.

But, Rudhra who has turned into Aghory has no emotional bonding with his family. Indeed, he sets out into dark caves chanting mantras, smoking Ganjas with the prideful statement uttered all the times 'Aham Brahmaasmi' (Naan Kadavul – I'm God). Meanwhile, he comes across the most pitiable physically and mentally challenged men, women and children who are tortured to beg by Thandavam (Devaraj) and other mafias involved in trading them.

He's the savior of putting end to the baddies and redeeming salvation for the desolated soul Hamsavalli (Pooja) who is so drenched in pathetic condition. Aarya is up with his mind-boggling performance and for sure he will make it big with more challenging roles. He's sure to turn one of the biggest actors in Indian Film Industry.

Watch his stunning acts of stunts and chanting mantras, uttering dialogues frequently in Hindi, Sanskrit and Tamil. Heretofore, Pooja who brimmed merely with glamorous roles goes for a contrastively spectacular one. Devaraj who enacts the baddie role is massive and uniquely stylish. 

Musical score by Bala on all situations is extraordinary, but just to see couple of songs is bit disappointing. Background score is marvelous, especially the ones for climax stunt sequences. Cinematography by Arthur A Wilson is captivating. Dialogues penned by Jai Mohan offer more light to the emotional drama.

On the whole, Bala's Naan Kadavul takes Tamil Cinema a step ahead in the 'World Cinema'. In fact, when the worst films churned by Yash Chopra are taken into Oscar Libraries with more recommendation, they can better take a look at Bala's 'Naan Kadavul' and mark their conclusions.  

Verdict: A film not to miss…