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Tamil Movie Yoogan Year 2015

Tamil Movie Yoogan Year 2015


Cast:Yashmith as Vinay Sakshi Agarwal as Pooja Siddhu GRN as David Pradeep Balaji as Amir Shyam Kirthivasan as Rahul Manoj as Arun Tarun Chakravarthy as ACP Suresh Pillai as Raghu Venkatrenga Gupta as CEODirected by Kamal G

Produced by Kamal G

Written by Kamal G

Starring Yashmith Sakshi Agarwal Siddhu GRN Pradeep Balaji Shyam Kirthivasan Manoj

Music by Rashaanth Arwin & Alex Premnath

Cinematography Ravi Arumugam

Edited by Kamal G

Production company Twins Productions

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Yoogan is a Tamil horror, suspense thriller film directed by Kamal G. Starring Yashmith and Sakshi Agarwal in the lead roles along with Siddhu GRN, Pradeep Balaji, Shyam Kirthivasan, Tarun Chakarvarthy and Suresh Pillai.

Rashaanth Arwin composed the music For the film. Alex Premnath composed the background score and cinematography was by Ravi Arumugam.

It is a horror story which revolves around the problems that happen in an IT company.