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Tamil Movie Kaalaippani (2008)

Title: KaalaippaniKaalaippani

Cast: Jay Jay, Vasundhara

Director: Rajesh Selva

Music Director:  Sathish Ramalingam

Release Year: 2008 

Tamil Movie Kaalaippani review, It is a dark night. Rain is pouring. A car is parked with the headlights on under the canopy of trees on the premises of a forest bungalow. Screams of a girl is heard. A man murders her in cold blood. A police team soon descends on the scene of crime. Circumstantial evidence indicates that the slain girl was Samvedhana (Vasundara) and the car found abandoned at the spot was presented to her by business tycoon JKR (Nasser) a few days ago.

Going into the past (flashback), Samvedhana is the daughter of JKR who is very much attached to her. She is a bright college student and is in love with a senior (Satish). Another student (Jay Jay) also loves her and lusts after her.

During the course of the investigation, the police also suspect Satish as he and Jay Jay both love Samvedhana and compete for her hand.

The police, who at one stage suspected JKR, start investigating the murder from the Satish angle. When the police are grappling with the case, Samvedhana who is believed to have been murdered comes alive.

Though for the outside world JKR is Samvedhana's father, it is not true. JKR and his wife have adopted her as a child from a neighboring village orphanage and brought her up as their own daughter. But JKR is very possessive of her and this disturbs Samvedhana. One day she comes to know that she is not the real daughter of JKR and sets out in the car bought for her by JKR to find her real mother and that is when the murder takes place. The police are in fact baffled and clueless as to the identity of the girl who was murdered at the forest bungalow and why she was killed and by whom. How the police untangles the knot hikes the suspense.

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