Tamil Movie Alwar (2008)



Ajith, Asin, Vivek 

 Producer  Mohan Natarajan
 Director  Chella
 Music Director  Srikanth Deva







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'Shiva' the character name for Ajith spells success as it has in most of his movies like Valee etc.

How the character Aalwar, the priest changes into the character Shiva is the simple synopsis of this movie.

Aalwar comes in an interesting role of a priest and he is very much attached to his sister and mother.

Unfortunately Aalwar's sister and mother are killed by the villains Lal, Vincent Asokan and others. Aalwar is also pronounced dead but he comes back as Shiva, a ward boy in a government hospital.

Shiva takes the role of Narasimha to take revenge and uses the punch line "Naan Kadavul" which creates a roaring applause in the theatres.