Tamil Movie Vellithirai (2008)

Tamil Movie Vellithirai

Starring: Prithviraj, Prakash Raj, Gopika, Lakshmi Rai, M.S. Bhaskar, Sampath, Srikanth and others. 

Direction: Viji 

Music: G V Prakash

Cinematography: Panneerselvam 

Production: Prakash Raj  

Tamil Movie Vellithirai Part 1

Tamil Movie Vellithirai Part 2

Tamil Movie Vellithirai Part 3

Tamil Movie Vellithirai Part 4

Tamil Movie Vellithirai Part 5

Tamil Movie Vellithirai Part 6

Tamil Movie Vellithirai Part 7

Tamil Movie Vellithirai Part 8   

Tamil Movie Vellithriai is Tamil remake of Malayalam’s Udayananu Tharam, lacks the original’s brilliant touches, it is still entertaining to an extent. Vellithirai brings back the successful duo of Prakash Raj – Prithviraj together and the combination works well, if not as superbly as the legendary Mohan Lal - Srinivasan combo in 'Udhayananu Tharam'. Saravanan (Prithviraj) is a struggling assistant director.

He lives in Kodambakam, where there are several other hopefuls and wannabes: friends and rivals struggling together. Saravanan’s dream is to make his own film and he has a foolproof scheme to achieve this goal: write a sure-fire script and insist on directing it himself. His roommate, Kannayan (Prakash Raj) a sly, struggling and untalented actor hatches a plot to steal the script, pass it off on his own, and insist on being the star of the film.

One day Saravanan pitches his story to Trisha (playing herself) and is shocked to discover that Trisha already knows the story. His dreams shattered, he turns to the famous actress Mythili (Gopika), for help. Can Saravanan outwit Kannayan who has now become a big star?