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Tamil Movie Mundhinam Paartheney Year 2010

Mundhinam PaartheneyTamil Movie: Mundhinam Paartheney Year 2010

Cast: Sanjay, Ekta, Pooja, Lizna  

Director: Magilzh Thirumeni

Producer: Manickam Narayanan 

Music: Thaman S  

Mundhinam Paartheney Part 1

Mundhinam Paartheney Part 2

Mundhinam Paartheney Part 3

Mundhinam Paartheney Part 4

Mundhinam Paartheney Part 5

Mundhinam Paartheney Part 6 

Tamil movie Mundhinam Paartheney is about the love life of an IT professional Sanjay (Sanjay) and the three women- Pooja (Pooja), Aarthi (Ekta) and Anu (Lizna) who comes into his life. He falls in love with Pooja but after trying to impress her, she tells him that she is already engaged to an NRI guy. He then meets Aarthi a dancer who is a tough nut to crack.  

Aarthi is a very independent young lady who doesn’t care for anyone. She is modern but traditional in her outlook, a quality that Sanjay is looking for in his wife. But some minor misunderstandings and they drift apart till he realizes that Anu his colleague at work is the right girl for him.