Tamil Movie Pagadai Panirendu Year 2014

Tamil Movie Pagadai Panirendu Year 2014


Starring: Dileep Kumar, Divya Singh, Richu Singh

Directed by: Sasi Shanker

Produced by: Wisdom Films

Genre: Romance

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The film is the story of Anand (Kamal Haasan), a journalist and a martial arts expert. Anand is in love with Sripriya. He gets a microfilm showing the wrongdoings of underworld king Sudarsan. Now the gang is after Anand for the microfilm. Sudarshan's gang member Sathyapriya befriend Anand to get the microfilm but fails.

Meantime Anand's love Sripriya leaves her house as her father Major Sundarrajan is their affair. Sripriya gets threatened by Sudarsan's gang for the micro film. Anand's friend Y. G. Mahendran also gets trapped by the underworld gang to retrieve the microfilm. Anand had to fight against his martial arts master too, who is an aide of Sudarsan. Finally, Anand succeeds in eliminating the entire gang saving the micro film.

Tamil Movie Naangellam Edakoodam Year 2014

Tamil Movie Naangellam Edakoodam Year 2014

Naangellam Edakoodam

Starring: Manoj Devadas, Parvathi Suresh, Visakar Selvamani, Hensa

Directed by: R. Vijayakumar

Produced by: Kurundhudayar Production

Genre: Action drama

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Naangellam Edakoodam is a Tamil Movie starred by Parvathy Suresh, Manoj Devadas Directed by R.Vijayakumar Released on 5th December 2014.

Tamil Movie 1 Pandhu 4 Run 1 Wicket Year 2014

Tamil Movie 1 Pandhu 4 Run 1 the wicket year 2014


Artist: Vinay Krishna, Hasika Dutt, Sriman, Jeeva, Sentrayan, Nandha Saravanan, Meera Krishnan,

Lyrics: NA.Muthu Kumar, Sinegan, Dance; Sridhar,

Music: Umesh,

Producer: HN.Gowda,

Director: Veera

A Movie Of Comedy and Thriller

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A ghost story without a violent spook? Strange but true. For, that’s what director Veera brings out in his movie Oru Pandhu Naal Run Oru Wicket. The film, besides having a title related to cricket and spook with a sense of humor, also conveys a strong message to society. The debut director’s movie is already creating a buzz with its recently released teaser.

Veera mentions about the importance of sound in a supernatural tale. “My debut music director Umesh, who has been a sound engineer for 15 years, has taken extreme care to do the re-recording for the past one month. For a tale like this, laced with humor and spooky effects, the music creates the right mood,” he says.

Prem, the sound effects designer for Mysskin’s Onaiyum Aatukuttiyum, is part of the team. Veera made the sound engineer modulate voices of artists using technology to give a ghoulish feel wherever required. The film also includes a 15-minute interlude using computer graphics.

One of the highlights is going to be a thiruvizha scene shot in a giant Muneeswarankoil set in Chennai. “We’ve filmed a song where a ghost is exorcised from a person at the thiruvizha. Though warding off spirits is usually carried out at such functions, the highlight of the song is that it’s shot in a comical way,” says Veera with a grin.

Tamil Movie Velmurugan Borewells Year 2014

Tamil Movie Velmurugan Borewells Year 2014

Velmurugan Borewells

Movie: Velmurugan Borewells

Cast: Mahesh, Aarushi, Ganja Karuppu

Director: M.P. Gopi

Music: Srikanth Deva

Lyrics: Pa Vijay, Na. Muthukumar, Snehan

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Velmurugan Borewells is a 2014 Comedy Tamil movie directed by M. P. Gopi and produced by Tharun Kaanth Film Factory. Velmurugan Borewells movie stars Mahesh, Aarushi, Ganja Karuppu in the lead role.

This film was released on Friday, November 28, 2014.

Tamil Movie Aaaah Year 2014

Tamil Movie Aaaah Year 2014


Starring - Bobby Simha, Gokulnath, Meghna, Bobby Simha, Bala Saravanan

Directed by Hari Shankar, Hareesh Narayan

Produced by V. Loganathan, V. Janarthanan, Srinivas Loganathan

Music by K. Venkat Prabhu Shankar, Sam C. S.

Cinematography G. Sathish

Edited by Hari Shankar

Production company KTVR Creative Frames, Shankar Bros

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Three friends (Gokul, Meghna, and Bala) meeting at their reunion is being drawn into a bet to prove the presence of ghosts by a rich schoolmate, Prosper (Bobby Simha) This leads them to a journey to five different places around the world suspected to be haunted. Namely events which had unfolded in Japan, Dubai, the mid-sea of the Bay of Bengal, a highway in Andhra Pradesh and a remote ATM booth in Tamil Nadu.

They fail to capture ghosts in camera in all the cases. Now they were worried that they would lose 60 crore prize amount and Prosper would win. Meanwhile, they learn about a video footage in which a ghost is sighted killing the ATM watchmen. The video footage is in a pen drive owned by the owner of the security company (Bosskey) in which the ATM security guard was employed.

When he comes to know the huge reward money for a video footage proving the existence of ghosts he demands Rs 50 lakhs for the pen drive. Meghna approaches Prosper to get Rs 50 lakhs. Instead, Prosper tries to take advantage of the situation and behaves indecently with her. Meghna gets annoyed and returns home and narrates the incident to Gokul and Bala. That night Meghna gets a call from her lover (Ajay) and with shock and fear she utters one word..... accident!!!!.

Three of them visit the place and find Ajay dying. Before dying he narrates the incident and records in his camera. Ajay and his friends while traveling in a car watching a movie from a CD which they had picked up from a vendor who states that it is an unreleased movie. As they watch the movie the same incidents start happening to them as shown in the movie. Soon after all of them are killed and Ajay was able to bury the CD.

The CD was found but before they could get hold of it all three of them are killed by the ghost. Prosper after winning the bet reclaims and rejoices his prize, a Yamaha RX100. After hearing the doorbell ring Prosper opens the door to be killed by a ghost.

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