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Vasantham TV Mugamoodi - New

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Mugamoodi Episode 26 – “Road Accidents Causes, Impacts and Prevention” 

Mugamoodi Episode 25 – “The Truth On Indian Fishermen Poaching In Sri Lankan Waters” 18/Jan/2016

Mugamoodi Episode 24 – “Women’s leadership and political participation” 13/Jan/2016

Mugamoodi Episode 23 - "The role of Plantation Companies upcountry people's life" 05/Jan/2016

Mugamoodi Episode 22 - "How Does Food Impact Health?" 22/Dec/2015

Mugamoodi Episode 21 - "Political prisoners in Sri Lanka and their Families' suffer" 10/Dec/2015

Mugamoodi Episode 20 - "Caring for people with HIV and Aids" 10/Dec/2015

Mugamoodi Episode 19 -  "Livelihood Issues Of Upcountry People: The Truth And Reality" 30/Nov/2015

Mugamoodi Episode 18 - "Frauds in Education" 24/Nov/2015

Mugamoodi Episode 16 "The Impact of Pornography upon Society"

Mugamoodi Episode 15 "Prostitution in massage parlors" 04/Nov/2015

Mugamoodi Episode 14  "DNA and it's role of DNA profiling in criminal investigation" 27/Oct/2015

Mugamoodi Episode 13  "Crimes and Punishments" 19/Oct/2015

Mugamoodi Episode 12  "The impact of the technology on our lives" 15/Oct/2015

Mugamoodi Episode 11  "What Happens When You Die?" 07/Oct/2015

Mugamoodi Episode 10  "Child Sex Abuse Prevention" 30/Sep/2015

Mugamoodi Episode 07 "A Mother's Cry" 12/Sep/2015

Mugamoodi Episode 06 "The Occult: Mysteries Of The Supernatural" 30/Aug/2015

Mugamoodi Episode 05 "Return of a Lost Sheep" 23/Aug/2015

Mugamoodi Episode 04 "A Transagender man's Story" 16/Aug/2015

Mugamoodi Episode 03 "The Unseen Shore" 09/Aug/2015

Mugamoodi Episode 02 "Effects of Drug addiction and Rehabilitation" 02/Aug/2015

Mugamoodi Episode 01 "Women, Prostitution and the Society" 26/Jul/2015