Tamil Movie Kalyana Agathigal Year 1985

Tamil Movie Kalyana Agathigal 

Kalyana Agathigal' is the story of seven women. Who unable to bear the injustice done to them by the male dominated society decide to revolt and live life on their own terms. They together form a music group named 'Kalyana Agathigal', where women facing difficulties or injustice in life are taken on board and are supported and helped. 

Released: 1985

Running time: 2:28:52

Starring: Saritha, Ashok Y., Vijaya, Vinitha, Kuili, Nisha, Aghalya J. Lalitha, Lalli

Directed by: K. Balachander 

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Tamil Movie Unnai Solli Kutramillai Year 1990

Tamil Movie Unnai Solli Kutramillai

Directed by: Ameerjan

Produced by: Rajam Balanchandar, Pushpa Kandaswamy

Written by: Crazy Mohan

Screenplay by: Ananthu

Story by: Ameerjan

Starring: Karthik, Sithara, Radha Ravi, Nassar, Charle, Kuyili, Vadivukkarasi

Music by: Ilaiyaraaja

Cinematography: C. S. Ravibabu

Editing by: S. S. Nazir

Release Date: 17 March 1990


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Balu (Karthik) is a graduate youth, came from his village to town, who want to become rich. He works as a police informer and fall in love with Janaki (Sithara), the daughter of Inspector Veerapandian.

Veerapandian asks Balu to watch closely his daughter if she had a boyfriend. In the same time, Veerapandian's ennemy Kumar (Nassar) tries to kidnap her daughter, they fail due to his opposition. Balu finds an illegal drug trade and his house's owner was sent in jail, then his all family commits suicide.

Veerapandian is promoted as assistant commissioner and Balu resigns his job. One day, Veerapandian finds Balu in a crime scene and asks him to say who's the killer but he refuses. Even beaten, he says nothing and he cannot find a job. Baby is killed and Balu decides to steal the money from criminals.

Balu becomes rich and Kumar falls in love with Balu's sister Parvathi. Balu was later arrested by Veerapandian and Kumar refuses to save him, his sister realises that she has been cheated by Kumar and Kumar kills her.

Janaki tells that the culprit is Darmaraj and Veerapandian releases him. Balu kills Kumar and Darmaraj to revenge his sister death.

Tamil Movie Murugan Kattiya Vazhi Year 1974

Tamil Movie Murugan Kattiya Vazhi 

Muniyandi (A.V.M. Rajan) makes a honest living as a Rickshaw driver and supports his family consisting of his sister, Kaveri (Sripriya). Their lives take a turn for the worst when Muniyandi is arrested for murder and jailed for three years. Muniyandi breaks out of jail and vows to bring the real culprit to justice. As a deadly game of lies and deceit is set in motion, can Muniyandi expose the true culprit? 

Released: 1974

Running time: 2:12:00

Starring: A. V. M. Rajan, Sripriya, Vijayakumar, Nagesh

Directed by: P.Madhavan  

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Tamil Movie Enga Ooru Raja Year 1968

Tamil Movie Enga Ooru Raja 

Sethupathi (Sivaji Ganesan) hails from a royal family and is known for his kindness and charity towards the poor. Rajangum (Nambiar), a wealthy landlord plots to take over Sethupathi's property by marrying off his son to Sethupathi's sister Gowri. Sethupathi is deceived and is forced to move out of his palatial home along with his three children. He vows to become rich and take back his home at any cost. Will Sethupathi succeed in his quest? 

Released: 1968

Running time: 2:39:47 

Starring: Sivaji Ganesan, Jayalalitha, Nagesh, Manorama

Directed by: P. Madhavan 

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Tamil Movie Aval Sumangalithan Year 1985

Tamil Movie Aval Sumangalithan 

Arumugam (Visu), a poor father, looks for a bridegroom for his daughter Uma (Ilavarasi). For Arumugam, the perfect bridegroom seems to be Bhaskaran (Karthik). Bhaskaran gets married with Uma. Bhaskaran understands his in-laws' financial problems and helps them. But Bhaskaran finds out that he suffers from brain tumor and will die soon. 

Directed by: Visu

Produced by: V. Natarajan

Written by: VisuS

tarring: Karthik, Ilavarasi, Visu, K. R. Vijaya, Chandrasekhar, Nisha Noor, Haja Shareef

Music by: M. S. Viswanathan

Cinematography: N. Balakrishnan

Editing by: Ganesh - Kumar

Studio: Kavithalayaa Productions

Release Date: 19 July 1985

Running time: 140 minutes

Country: India

Language: Tamil  

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