Tamil Movie Vatathukkul Chadhuram Year 1978

Tamil Movie Vatathukkul Chadhuram

Starring: Latha, Sumitra, Srikant, Sarat Babu, Thengai Srinivasan, V. Gopala Krishnan, Savitri, C.K. Saraswati, Udayalakshmi

Written by Panchu Arunachalam

Released: 1978

Directed by: S.P. Muthuraman


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Befitting the title 'Vatathukkul Chadhuram', meaning a square peg in a round hole, Anu (Latha), finds her life, similar to this. Right from childhood she is thwarted by Kartik (Srikant), brother of her best friend Malathy (Sumitra) as Anu is born out of wedlock.

She loves Kartik dearly, but he shuns her. Malathy wishes to go for higher studies, and Anu feeling responsible for her dear friend, takes her to Chennai.

Anu gets a job as a club dancer, but has to compromise for every contract. Anu accepts this life stoically, as her only aim is to educate Malathy.

But she is devastated when Malathy's fiancée forces her to forget Anu and her friendship, in order to marry him. Malathy refuses and wishes to cancel the marriage, but Anu again steps in to save Malathy's marriage.


Tamil Movie Tharasu Year 1984

Tamil Movie Tharasu Year 1984

Starring: Sivaji Ganesan, K.R. Vijaya, Prabhu, Ambika, Silk Smitha Nambiar

Directed by: Rajaganapathi

Released: 1984

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Tamil Movie Tharasu starring Sivaji Ganesan, K.R. Vijaya, Prabhu, Ambika, Silk Smitha Nambiar. Suresh and Naresh (Prabhu), two twin brothers separated at birth and living different lives, meet at the mercy of fate leading to a series of events that test the bonds of love and family. Sivaji Ganesan and K.R. Vijaya star as their parents, with Nambiar portraying their villainous uncle

Tamil Movie Pattalathan Year 1995

Tamil Movie Pattalathan  

Surya, a soldier posted at Kashmir comes to his village on leave to meet his family. He gets married to his childhood sweet heart Gouri, but has to leave the very next day, as the war at Kargil starts. In the ensuing war, a severe bomb blast takes place, and unable to find his body, the government declares him dead. Surya miraculously escapes, but is disfigured beyond recognition. He returns to his village, but no one, including his father and wife are able to recognize him. He introduces himself to his father as Surya's friend Chandru, and ironically, his father requests him to convince Gauri to remarry. Does Gauri agree to this, or is she able to finally recognize him?   

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Movie: Pattalathan

Cast: CP Yogeswar, Sakshi Shivanand, Sripriya, Srividya, Nepolean, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sonali

Director: Mahesh Sukander

Music Director: Deva

Year: 1995

Tamil Movie Thai Sollai Thattathe Year 1961

Tamil Movie Thai Sollai Thattathe Year 1961

Cast: MGR, Sarojadevi

Year: 1961

Music: KV. Mahadevan, Viswanathan Ramamurthy


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Thai Sollai Thattathe highlights the values of a mothers teaching and what wrong can happen if a child goes against his mother. Raju (MGR) is a honest police inspector wrking hard to bring down a group of thieves.

While on his mission he crosses paths with Vijaya (Saroja Devi) and they both fall in love. But things take an unfortunate turn when Raju realizes the criminal he is hunting is none than his brother Mohan (S. A. Ashokan). What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Tamil Movie Sangamam Year 1999

Tamil Movie Sangamam 

Sangamam' is a moving tale of a dancer's love for dance and a lover's love for her beloved. Selvam (Rehman), a folk dancer and Abirami (Vindhya) a Bharatanatyam dancer fall in love with each other at a dance festival. But Abirami's father Sivashankaramoorthy (Vijaykumar) not only opposes their love, but also insults Selvam's father Aavudai Pillai (Manivannan), a folk dance exponent. Enraged by Sivashankaramoorthy's arrogance, Aavudai Pillai throws a challenge for their children to perform and raise funds for a common cause. Meanwhile, Nagaraj (Radharavi) has had a tiff with Selvam and realizes that he can get things even with him by joining Sivashankaramoorthy. In an attempt to do the same, he stabs Aavudai Pillai just before his son's performance. On the other hand, Abirami consumes poison because she feels her father will never let her and Selvam unite. 

Directed by: Suresh Krishna

Produced by: V. Natarajan

Written by: E. Ramadoss

Screenplay by: Suresh Krishna

Story by: Bhoopathy Raja

Starring: Rahman, Vindhya

Music by: A. R. Rahman

Cinematography: S. Saravanan

Editing by: Suresh Urs

Studio: Pyramid Films International

Release Date: 16 July 1999

Country: India

Language: Tamil   

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