Tamil Movie Uruvam ( Year 2008) Horror

Tamil Horror Movie “URUVAM” is a Digital Tamil Movie present by Minjan Production & Megamovie Sdn. Bhd.



Tamil Horror Movie Uruvam Part 1

Tamil Horror Movie Uruvam Part 2

Tamil Horror Movie Uruvam Part 3

Tamil Horror Movie Uruvam Part 4

Tamil Horror Movie Uruvam Part 5

Tamil Horror Movie Uruvam Part 6 

Tamil Horro Movie Uruvam Part 7 ( Last Part )


Uruvam is directing by Mr .Naga the director of “AATHMA” the 1st Malaysian Digital Tamil Movie which runs in theater for 63 days and he also well established in the Malay film industry with movies such as "Ghazal Untuk Rubiah", "Getaran", and "Iskandar", has picked out exactly what the Tamil industry needs and has created a success of his own.Mr. Naga wants to give another successful hit in Tamil again to the audiences in 6th September 2008 the Movie of “URUVAM”.  
Tamil Movie Poo ( Year 2008)

Tamil Movie Poo

Cast: Srikanth, Parvathy

Director: Sasi

Music Director:  S S Kumaran

Release Year: 2008

Watch Tamil Movie Poo Online

Tamil Movie Poo is revolves around a villager-turned-engineer Thangarasu (Srikanth) who is unhappily married to a rich woman. He bumps into his old flame Mari (Parvathy), the better half of a tea shop owner.

The film deals with their trip down memory lane. Poo means flower in Tamil. This movie is a trend setting one based on a story written long back.  

Movie Poo tells the story of two young children, a boy and a girl, their families and their dreams in life. What happens when dreams clash? Someone has to let go of their dream for the others to realize theirs’.

It is one person’s love and affection for the other that makes them sacrifice hoping sincerely that the object of their love will have a better life sharing someone else’s dream. It is also “love” that makes people give up their own dreams and believe in someone.

Tamil Movie Thenavattu Year 2008

Tamil Movie Thenavattu 

Starring: Jeeva, Poonam Bajwa 

Direction: V V Kathir 

Music: Srikanth Deva 

Producer: ELK Productions 

Tamil Movie Thenavattu Part 1

Tamil Movie Thenavattu Part 2

Tamil Movie Thenavattu Part 3

Tamil Movie Thenavattu Part 4

Tamil Movie Thenavattu Part 5

Tamil Movie Thenavattu Part 6

Tamil Movie Thenavattu Part 7

Tamil Movie Thenavattu Part 8  

Tamil movie Thenavattu, Jeeva comes to Chennai from Madurai in search of employment. He mistakes his boss Ravi Kale to be a good timber depot industrialist and makes for him sickle, saw and other tools for cutting.

However Ravi Kale is a local dada whose job is to kill people. Jeeva meets Poonam Bajwa in a temple and as can be predicted by a toddler, they fall in love. Meanwhile Ravi Kale’s son Sabi who happens to a womanizer eyes Poonam Bajwa who somehow escapes his clutches.

Rajan P Dev who is a minister with the ruling party abets the carnages of Kale et al and the desperadoes always go scot-free. There is also an assistant commissioner Sai Kumar whose sister was wronged and killed by the villain clan and he is raging in anger to settle scores with them.

The rest of the film deals with how the enemy camp gets decimated by the hero gang and about the revenge saga. 

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