Tamil Movie Thangamagan Year 2015

Tamil Movie Thangamagan Year 2015


Director: Velraj

Cast: Dhanush, Samantha, Amy Jackson

Genre: Family drama

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Thanga Magan (English: Golden Son) is a Indian family drama film written and directed by Velraj. Produced by actor Dhanush, it stars himself in the lead role, alongside actresses Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Amy Jackson.

The film opens with Tamizh (Dhanush), his wife Yamuna (Samantha Ruth Prabhu) and his mother (Raadhika Sarathkumar) moving into a new home which is not very comfortable. Tamizh leaves them with his friend Kumaran (Sathish) after settling them in the new house in search of a job.

All the companies are pleased with his resume but are hesitant to give him a job due to the occurrences in his past job. Finally, out of need, Tamizh becomes a worker in a roadside biriyani shop. He comes home for the night after he gets drunk. He then narrates the reason for him becoming like this through a series of flashbacks.

During his college days, Tamizh (a second year B. Com student), Kumaran, and Tamizh's cousin Aravind (Adith Arun) were inseparable friends. One day, Tamizh's mother tells him to go to the temple for a pooja. There he meets Hema (Amy Jackson), who is an architecture student, and immediately falls in love with her. He then follows her around and wins her heart and they both fall in love.

For their first anniversary, Tamizh, Hema, Kumaran and Hema's friend Revathi go to Darjeeling. Tamizh was doing all this without the knowledge of his father and Aravind, for which Tamizh feels guilty. He decides that he will tell them both the truth once he goes back to Chennai. But in Darjeeling he is faced by Aravind, who followed him to see what he was up to and make him feel guilty.

Aravind says he never wants to see Tamizh again and storms off. Then they both go to the rooms and Hema gives Tamizh a plan of their future house. Tamizh sees that there is no room for his parents in their new house. He asks Hema about this and she says they will not be staying with them. This infuriates Tamizh and they both fight, eventually leading to their breakup.

Tamil Movie Thiruttu Rail Rakshan Year 2015

Tamil Movie Thiruttu Rail Rakshan Year 2015


Director: Thirupathi

Cast: Rakshan, Charan Selvam, Cathy

Genre: Action drama

Producer: SSS Movies

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A gangster tries to pass off his death by getting his look-alike to be killed in a police encounter. But what he doesn't take into account is the dead man's friends

Tamil Movie Aaranyam Year 2015

Tamil Movie Aaranyam Year 2015


Director: Kuberji

Cast: Ram, Neeraja

Genre: Drama

Producer: Aaha Oho Productions

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Aaranyam is an incompetent thriller by debutant director Kuberji featuring a bevy of newcomers. The underwhelming staging of scenes, suspense-less plot twists, the cliched characterization of leads and the stereotyped supporting characters make Aaranyam one of the avoidable films to hit screens this year.

Ram is a not a kleptomaniac but he finds himself satisfied with petty robberies to make ends meet. When Ram decides to take his robbery to the next level with a peculiarly planned theft, Neeraja grabs him with his trousers down by shooting the entire process on her mobile phone. Here, comes the obvious in-your-face twist. Neeraja's father is a police inspector working in the local station where Ram resides. Neeraja passes the video to her father and Ram is locked behind the bars.

After Ilavarasu, who plays the father of Ram, rescues him from police station, Ram embarks to seek revenge on Neeraja. In his quest to settle scores with Neeraja, Ram robs her mobile phone.

The cat and mouse drama ensues for quite some time leaving the audience to take smoking breaks at occasional informal intervals. I'm pretty sure you must have already guessed the next plot twist. Neeraja gradually begins to feel sympathetic towards Ram and the couple falls in love with each other.

Neeraja's father, who is peeved by her relationship with Ram, hires contract killers to murder Ram and bring Neeraja back. The resulting consequences are narrated miserably through the rest of the story.

This sort of measure for measure, old-fashioned love-laced-with-revenge type stories are done to death in Tamil cinema. And yet, in 2015, we still have a film that comes right under our nose and sticks out as a sore thumb.

Apart from few middling performances, there is nothing to root for in Aaranyam, which is a terribly cliched film-making with overflowing banalities and caricatured characters.

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